Several Shades of Sadism: Toma Kira Walkthrough


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Read before you start:

  • All answers give you affection for Toma: either +1;+3; or +5 .If you click on “Change Screens” it will tell you the total affection you have on the top left corner. 
  • You will need a total of 100 Affection Points to get the Happy End.
  • There will be 3 Avatar Missions in the route. You can either use the Gold you earn in the game to buy the item for the Normal Route, or you can use Rewards Points to purchase the item for the Sweet Route. The Sweet Route includes CGs. Yes, you will need to spend real money and purchase Rewards Points. (Like most games, you can earn in-game money, in this case, Rewards Points by using Tapjoy to install apps. Honestly, I think it’s a hassle and stay away from those, but that’s just me.)
  • Total Rewards Points needed for Sweet Routes (CGs): 14,000
    Total Gold needed for Normal Routes (No CGs): 14,000

**Please DO NOT copy and paste anywhere else.**

-Chapter 1-

I apologize for my mistake. (+5)
As you said.
You’re not mistaken. (+1)

I don’t want to worry you…
I wasn’t planning on…(+5)

-Chapter 2-

…I will, sir. (+5)
….I endeavor to do better.

I made it just like you taught me..
Is it…? I’m sorry… (+5)
No way…

-Chapter 3-

**Sweet Mission**
Required: 250

They’re all so beautiful…
I can’t choose.
I don’t know which one suits me. (+5)

Call his name
Chase after him (+5)
Try to grab his arm

**Avatar Mission**
Sweet Route: Toma SA1 Blue Beaded Strap Plumps (300 Rewards Points)
Normal Route: Toma NA1 Mint Green Ribbon Plumps (150 Reward Points/3000 Gold)

**Optional Scenario**
Toma Kira SP1 His Perspective (500 Rewards Points)

-Chapter 4-

I will do it myself next time.
I shouldn’t have gotten help?
Is there anything else I can help you with? (+5)

Aren’t you tired?
You should probably get some rest now…


You have to get a good night’s sleep.

-Chapter 5-

You really think so?
I’m really glad to hear it! (+5)
I can still learn so much more.

Forget me, what about you? (+5)
What are you doing here…?

-Chapter 6-

**Sweet Mission**
Required: 2000 pt

Good morning. (+5)
Oh, you’re home.
Sorry for getting up late.

You have to take a break. (+5)
You’re still awake.
You’re working  all day and night again.

**Avatar Mission**
Sweet Route: Toma SA2 Blue Accented Eyes (500 Rewards Points)
Normal Route: Toma NA2 Short Sleeved Chiffon Blouse (200 Reward Points/5000 Gold)

**Optional Scenario**
Toma Kira SP2 His Perspective (500 Rewards Points)

-Chapter 7-

I’ll call for a taxi. (+5)
Shall I call a taxi? (+3)
I’ll call a mechanic. (+1)

What should I do….?
I can’t walk like this….(+3)
You can go back ahead of me. (+5)

-Chapter 8-

**Sweet Mission**
Required: 4000 pt

I just happened to pass by….(+3)
I didn’t meant too…. (+5)
I wasn’t….

I’m sorry….(+5)
Um, I…. 
Say nothing.

**Avatar Mission**
Sweet Route: Toma SA3 Elegant  Blue Dress (600 Rewards Points)
Normal Route: Toma NA3 Off White Flare Shirt (300 Reward Points/6000 Gold)

**Optional Scenario**
Toma Kira SP3 His Perspective (500 Rewards Points)


-Chapter 9-

Do you have any requests for me today? (+5)
Are you headed to work already? (+1)
Should I take care of the newspaper for you?

Try do deny it.
Question it.
Admit your feelings. (+5)

-Chapter 10-

**Sweet Mission**
Required: 8000 pt

I agree.
He’s taken good care of me, too.
He really is a kind person. (+5)

Make an excuse.
Say it’s not a date. (+5)
Say it’s a misunderstanding.

-Chapter 11-

**Sweet Mission**
Required: 9000 pt

You shouldn’t have come!
Why did you come…?!
Don’t Speak (+5)

It’s just something in my eye….
I’m just really happy. (+5)


Happy End
Affection Points: ≥ 100
Elegance Points: 16000

Normal End
Affection Points: <100
Elegance Points:  12000

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