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General Info:

  • These are the answer sets for each story that helped me reach the 2 different endings. There’s probably more than 1 way to reach them, you are free to pick different answers.
  • There are 2 Endings:  The Provocative Ending & The Heartfelt Endings.
  • Love Meter: +P = Provocative Ending +H = Heartfelt Ending

Story 1:

“Why me?” (+P)
“Isn’t there something else?”
“I’ll do my best.” (+H)

Pull away. (+P)
Stare back at him. (+H)
Change the subject.

Story 2:

“Do you mean that?” (+P,+H)
“You don’t regret it?”
“It made me happy, too.”

“My strengths?” (+P,+H)
“I’ll be careful.”
“I’m nervous….”

Story 3:

“You’re really sure about that?” (+P)
“Another angle?” (+H)
“I’ll work on a new idea.”

“You want a promotion?” (+P)
“There isn’t anyone you like?”
“You live for your work.” (+H)

Story 4:

“Do you always drink alone?” (+P)
“I’ve never had brandy.” (+H)
“That’s cool.”

“Hi.” (+H)
“Try Smiling.” (+P)
Look Away.”

Story 5:

“I totally agree.”
“I’ll give it everything I’ve got.” (+P,+H)
“It’s really not a pipe dream?”

“You know that’s not why.” (+P,+H)
“We should get back.”
“Maybe I had a little too much.”

Story 6:

“You’ve known each other a long time.”
“I envy you.” (+P,+H)
Ask what Mr. Tachibana was like.

“Who was that?”
“Hungry?” (+P,+H))
“I want to talk with you?”

Story 7:

“I bet you say that to everyone.” (+P)
“I’ll cook for real next time.” (+H)
“You don’t cook?”

“I’m happy, too.” (+H)
“Thanks for making it.”
“I want to make a commercial like that.” (+P)

Story 8:

“Are you not in the mood?”
“Don’t stop.” (+P,+H)
“Up to you.”

“Don’t tell anyone.” (+P,+H)
“You were eavesdropping.”
“It has nothing to do with you.”

Story 9:

Act cool. (+P)
Give him an update. (+H)
Apologize for avoiding him.

“It’s out of character.”
“It’s cute.”  (+H)
“No, I like it, too.” (+P)

Story 10:

“I’m sorry.”
“Thanks for defending me.”
“About the omiai.” (+P,+H)

“You were serious about me?” (+P,+H)
“You’re saying this now?”
“Make Natsume apologize.”

Story 11:

“That’s really nice.”
“We’ll win.” (+P)
“I want to pick it.” (+H)

“Isn’t work your hobby?”
“Take me with you next time.” (+H)
“What else do you like?” (+P)

Story 12:

Wait for Natsume and Toma to answer. (+H)
“Of course I’ll go!” (+P)
Look at Mr. Kijima.

“We’ll win.” (+H)
“Isn’t it too late…”
“You’re sure about this?” (+P)


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