Guardian Deity: Botan & Ayame Walkthrough


Invitation Code: JdEEQj
Nickname: Yuta
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Read before starting:

  • This walkthrough may not be 100% accurate. Answers labeled as (+5) are confirmed,  follow the (+) choices at your own risk.
  • Before the each **Special Scenario**, I will be posting how many points you need to meet the requirements and how many points I had (Affection items from His Room Gacha + Answer Choice Points) when I reached it. That way, in case I didn’t meet the requirements, you can decide whether to pick different choices etc. (This may vary if you have enough His Room Gacha Affection Points etc.)

(*NOTE* You need +50 for 1st Special Scenario. I had: 3 affection pts from His Room Gacha +  40 pts from answers = 43 pts)

Chapter 5
Open my mouth to one side.
Don’t open my mouth.
Open my mouth to both sides. (+)

Chapter 8
Ask them to go outside.

Ask them to turn around.
Allow them to look. (+)

Chapter 9
**Optional Special Scenario**
(Komainu) Extra Ticket 1 (150 platinum)

Chapter 14
Don’t do anything.
Touch their ears. (+)
Praise their ears.

Chapter 19

Warn them.
Stop them forcibly. 
Do nothing. (+)

Chapter 21
**Skill Mission**
Required: 1000

Chapter 24
“Don’t  worry about it too much.” (+)
Don’t say anything.
“Good luck reporting to En!”

Chapter 29
Blush (+)
Deny it

Chapter ?
It’s not their fault (+)
It’s that forgot
Make an excuse

Chapter 36
**Skill Mission**
Required: 1800

Chapter 39
Wait until the calm down
Force them to talk about the topic
Bring their attention to me (+)

Chapter 42
**Avatar Mission**
Premium: Hotcakes (100 Platinum)
Normal: Ice Crem (50 Platinum/500 Love)

Chapter 44
Take a break for now. (+)
Give up.
Ask someone else to explain

Chapter 49
Say I’m going to work hard in training.
Try soothing them. (+)
Desperately deny them.

Chapter  50
**Optional Special Scenario**
(Komainu) Extra Ticket 3 (2000 platinum)

Chapter 51
**Special Scenario** (Need +50)
Premium Route

(Need +7 to meet requirements)

Sweet Route (requirements met)

(*NOTE* You need +70 for 2nd Special Scenario. I had: 3 affection pts from His Room Gacha +  49 pts from answers = 52 pts) ~Math isn’t adding up lmfao~

Chapter 53
Be proud. (+)
Be flustered.
Be happy about it.

Chapter 58
**Skill Mission**
Required: 2800

Cry out
Ask for help
Try to grab the onki (+)

Chapter 65

Ask about Botan
Prepare to leave (+)
Want to bring Botan along

Chapter 66
**Avatar Mission**
Premium: Bangle (600 Platinum)
Normal: Leather Bracelet (150 Platinum/5000 Love)

Chapter 68
Tell him we can have some after we finish our errands 
Tell him no
Buy one for him 


Chapter 69
**Special Scenario** (Need +70)
Premium Route (Need +18 to meet requirements)
Sweet Route (requirements met)

Chapter 73
Fidget a little.
Keep it a secret.
Tell him about it.(+)

Chapter 80
Leave it till tomorrow morning.
Ask them to train me.

**Skill Mission**
Required: 5500

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