Liar! Office Deception Predictions

So Liar! Office Deception is out today!!! YAY! It seems we will be having both men and women since the objective is not to find a love interest, but to find the perfect team member to help you succeed in the job. Based on the previous game, I can already see similarities in character personalities. I also want to say that I have my guess on who the final two might be.

Keisuke vs Kohei (lol maybe because I think they’re the cutest???)

Or maybe it will be 1 of them vs a woman. (Maybe May?)

Minoru is definitely a no-good moron. So is Reina, Chisa, Shiori, Dakichi and most definitely Yusei.

Please Note: I know this game has been out in Japan, but I don’t usually go spoiling myself before I play a game. My predicitions are based on my gut feeling and observations~



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