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General Info:

  • You need +100 affection points for the Happy Ending.  (64 affection points from the eight +8 answers and 36 affection points from Secret Suite Gacha) The Gacha is free once per day, so take advantage of it.

-Chapter 1-

“I’m sorry…”
“Could you…tell me more?”(+8)
“I still don’t remember.”

**Avatar Mission**
Silky Route: Feathered Red Pumps (100 Platinum/4000 Red Diamonds)
Sweet Route: Fluffy Sakura Roll (100 Platinum/ 1000 Red Diamonds)
Normal Route: -Stylish Horn- Rimme Glasses (100 Red Diamonds)


*If you choose the Normal Route**
Elegance Required: 500

-Chapter 2-

“I mean, not really.”
“Maybe because Mioto is nice to me.”
“You looked like you were having fun, too.” (+8)

-Chapter 3-


“That’s not what I meant…!”
“Sorry…” (+8)
“I was just surprised, that’s all.”

**Avatar Mission**
Silky Route: Sweet Strawberry Parfait (300 Platinum)
Sweet Route: Lovingly Made Strawberry Chiffon Cake (300 Platinum/12000 Red Diamonds)
Normal Route: Pink Floral Mary Janes (100 Red Diamonds)

*If you choose the Normal Route**
Elegance Required: 1000

-Chapter 4-

“Stay over…?”
“I understand. Do you best.” (+8)
“Will you call and check in?”

-Chapter 5-

“I wanted to see you.” (+8)
“Hiragi suggested I come.”
“I was worried.”

**Avatar Mission**
Silky: Fluffy Asymmetrical Updo (300 Platinum)
Sweet: Day Outing Basket (300 Platinum/12000 Red Diamonds)
Normal: Electric Fan (Red) (100 Red Diamonds)

*If you choose the Normal Route**
Elegance Required: ????

-Chapter 6-

“I’d be shocked…”
“I’d be so angry…” (+8)
“I wouldn’t believe it!”

-Chapter 7-

“I don’t know.”
“Only a little.” (+8)

**Avatar Mission**
Silky: Stylish Houndstooth Peplum Dress (300 Platinum)
Sweet: Floral Broomstick Sundress (300 Platinum/12000 Red Diamonds) Normal: Cardigan with Ribbed Trim (White) (100 Red Diamonds)

*If you choose the Normal Route**
Elegance Required: ???

-Chapter 8-

“No.” (+8)
“Why should I?”

~Choose Ending
Happy Ending 100
Surprise Ending <80
Black Ending <80

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