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General Info:

  • All answers give you affection for Shun. You can check how much an answer gives you by exchanging 15 Jewels for a ‘Shun Nanakubo’s Feelings’ ticket.
  • You get to turn His Gacha once for free every day, so take advantage of it.
  • You need +115 affection points for the Romance Ending. (90 affection points from the eighteen +5 answers and 25 affection points from His Gacha) BUT due to a glitch??? in his route, you can only get 85 affection from the +5 answers. It won’t be enough even if you answer all +5 answers and get the 25 affection points from His Gacha.
    • Other options available to make up for points:
      • “Cheaper Option”: Play the Health Check-up Gacha. You can get an additional +3 affection points if you receive the See-Through Sleeves Top. (Sometimes we get free Gacha tickets. I’m not sure if future Gachas will have items with affection points for the characters) You will still need +2 affection point to get the Romance Ending. Purchase two Yousuke Ina Affection 1UP with platinum.
      • Expensive Option”: Spend real money for a Yousuke Ina: Affection 5UP.

-Chapter 1-

“Ah, yes please!” (+5)
(I wonder if I have to go)

(I might be bad with this……)
(I was just so embarrassed……) (+5)
(Of course not!)

**Charisma Mission**

Required: 1500

“O-of course not……” (+3)
“I didn’t do that” (+1)
“I didn’t take off my clothes” (+5)

**Special Scenario** (Need +15)
Sweet Route

(Requirements met)

Normal Route (requirements met)

-Chapter 2-

**Love Mission**


Hem Button Sailor Pants (400 Platinum); Celeb B/W Checked High Neck Shirt (300 Platinum/1000 Shilling)

3 Consecutive Pearls Necklace (150 Platinum/800 Shilling)

“I’ll work hard from now onwards” (+5)
“I wonder if I’ll be able to do well……”
(It might work out?)

Their Memories Shun Nanakubo 1 (200 Platinum)

“You’re exaggerating”
“Got it” (+5)
“At least for today…..”

**Special Scenario** (Need +25)
Sweet Route (requirements met)
Normal Route (requirements met)

“It was necessary so” (+5)
Distance myself from him
“I’m fine……”

-Chapter 3-

Stay still
Lick him in return (+5)

**Charisma Mission**
Required:  5800 pts

**Special Scenario** (Need +35)
Sweet Route(requirements met)
Normal Route (requirements met)

(*NOTE* You need +50 for 4th Special Scenario. I don’t know if it’s an error/glitch or not but Chapter 3 only has 2 out of 3 parts where you can choose an answer. Therefore, you will need to make up for +5 affection points. )

Place my head on his forehead
Look at his sleeping face
Bring some ice and water (+5)

Their Memories Nanakubo Shun 2 (200 Platinum)

-Chapter 4-

“Please work hard” (+5)
“Have some donuts”
“Let me help”

**Love Mission**
Premium: Mini Boston for Going Out (500 Platinum); Celeb Pleated Skirt with Belt (400 Platinum/3500 Shilling)
Normal: Royal Blue Knit (200 Platinum/2500 Shilling)

**Special Scenario** (Need +50)
Sweet Route (requirements met)
Normal Route (requirements met)

“I want to leave because I’m a little tired.”
“Actually, my feet are kind of sore…” (+5?)
“I want to look around since we’re here” (+3)

(I have to calm down) (+5)
“I want to do whatever I can!”
“I’ll leave my company to you, Kirihara”

-Chapter 5-

**Special Scenario** (Need +60)
Sweet Route (requirements met)
Normal Route (requirements met)

Look some more.
Feel discouraged.
Don’t give up. (+5)

I want to stay here with you
I can’t leave you behind (+5)

**Charisma Mission**

Required:  11400 pts

The curator was one of them?
I wondered if he wanted to it for himself
He looked like he was really passionate it too (+5)

-Chapter 6-

**Special Scenario** (Need +75)
Sweet Route (requirements met)
Normal Route (requirements met)

“I’m not that crazy”
“Sorry for making you worry” (+5)
“I’ll act more carefully next time onwards”

**Love Mission**
Premium: Tiered Skirt Dress (800 Platinum); Celeb: Dress Sandals with Jewels (500 Platinum/5000 Shilling)
Normal: Ash Shorts with Hat (Charm 300 Platinum/4500 Shilling)

(I’m scared to tell him…)
(Is it alright for me to?)
(I trust Nanakubo) (+5)

Their Memories Nanakubo Shun 3 (200 Platinum)

Go out to eat (End with 85)
Ask him to buy something back
Take out some up noodles

Romance: (Need 30)
Normal: (Requirements met)


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