Irresistible Mistakes: Natsume Asaoka Walkthrough

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General Info:

  • These are the answer sets for each story that helped me reach the 2 different endings. There’s probably more than 1 way to reach them, you are free to pick different answers.
  • There are 2 Endings:  The Provocative Ending & The Heartfelt Endings.
  • Love Meter: +P = Provocative Ending +H = Heartfelt Ending

Story 1:

“I don’t remember.” (+P)
“I was at a hotel.” (+H)
Dodge the question.

“I can’t do that.” (+P)
“You’re one to talk.” (+H)
Compose myself.

Story 2:

“What do you mean?” (+P)
“You mean I don’t have to?” (+H)
“Will you forget?”

“We won’t know until we try.” (+H)
“I’ll talk to Mr. Tachibana.”
“Give me some time to think.” (+P)

Story 3:

“I’ve known him my whole life.” (+P)
“I trust him more than anyone.” (+H)
“I’ll try talking to him again.”

“You won’t play against me?”
“Likewise.” (+H)
“I can’t back down on this.” (+P)

Story 4:

“That’s my line.”
“Aren’t I a good partner.” (+P)
“You love it.” (+H)

“I think it’s obvious.” (+P)
“It must have fallen off.” (+H)
“Dr. Maki was here, too.”

Story 5:

“Good memory.”
“You did the same thing.” (+P)
“About yesterday.” (+H)

“I haven’t decided yet.”
“You don’t mind?” (+H)
“I’m not a kid anymore.” (+P)

Story 6:

“Even you?” (+P)
“It’s OK. I trust you.”
“You don’t see me as a woman.” (+H)

“Is it obnoxious?”
“Let me say it anyway.” (+H)
“I don’t understand you.” (+P)

Story 7:

“Don’t speak ill of him.”
“I acted like a child.” (+P)
“You’re being so nice.” (+H)

Story 8:

“Is this about the budget?”
“You’re that worried about me?” (+H)
“I’m fine now.” (+P)

“I didn’t know.” (+P)
“Why didn’t you tell me.” (+H)
“You can’t play anymore.”

Story 9:
“That’s not like you.” (+P)
“What changed.” (+H)
“You’re still amazing.”

“Totally fine.” (+P)
”I’m really sorry.”(+H)
“You protected me?”

Story 10:

“We should go.” (+H)
“We have to give up.” (+P)
“Do we talk to CI?”

“Why do all that?”
“I wish I was there.” (+P)
“I can’t believe it.” (+H)

Story 11:

“It’s your fault.” (+H)
“Maybe I drank too much.” (+P)
“You don’t have to come.”

“Ask Natsume” (+H)
“Maybe I’m hungover.” (+P)
“I must be tired.”

“Can I come?” (+P)
“Good luck.”
“We need to talk.” (+H)

Story 12: 

“Did you accept?” (+H)
“I want in.” (+P)
“I’m happy for you.”

“Buy sweets.”
“Apologize to Yuiko.” (+P)
“Takes the winner home.” (+H)


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