Liesl’s Character Ranking: Irresistible Mistakes

I came up with these ratings based on the theme of a “One Night Stand” & “Office Romance”. Ratings Explanation:

Sinful: Based on the amount of sexy/sinful moments, between the MC and her love interest in the story. 

Romance:  Based on the amount of romantic moments between the MC and her love interest in the story.

Work: Based on the amount of time the story spent on the MC’s job assignment and work with her love interest.

**Please note that my rating/ranking is based on MY OPINION from the Main Stories. I also included a short explanation as to why I gave each guy that rating/ranking. I don’t think I included any major spoilers, but please proceed at your own risk.**

1. Toma Kiriya


Sinful: ★★★☆☆

Romance: ★★★☆☆

Work: ★★★☆☆

Toma is, without a doubt, my favorite man from IM! I felt that his story was well balanced with love, work and sexy moments. I loved the interaction between Toma and MC. I really liked MC in his route, too and I think it was thanks to the good chemistry they both had. His personality is just my type: playful, sadistic, yet he’s also caring, loving and smart. Toma is a really fun character, I highly recommend him. He also wears glasses…my weakness~ I’ve said it before, but Toma is perfect. lol If Voltage releases more stories of Toma, I’ll probably go broke ^^; okay, enough, I’m sure by now ya’ll can see that Toma is my bias lmfao

2. Shunichiro Tachibana


Sinful: ★★★

Romance: ★★★☆☆

Work: ★★★☆☆

I really liked Shunichiro’s story! I felt that his story was the one that revolved the most around the theme of a “one night stand”. He also had a lot of sinful moments with MC, which was what I was expecting from this game lol Shun is a really seductive guy, how could I not fall for him? There was a part in the story that was a little too gray-area for me like, come on MC!, though, but other than that, I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy his story.

3. Natsume Asaoka


Sinful: ☆☆☆☆

Romance: ☆☆

Work: ☆☆

Don’t let the amount of stars fool you into not playing his route!!! lol
I thought Natsume’s route was super, fucking, sweet. If you’re into the whole pure, slow-paced romance involving childhood friends then Natsume is for you. I’m more of a sinner, so that’s why Natsume wasn’t able to rank higher, but I loved him without a doubt!!! He is hot af, and I wanted to see the sinful side of him. I was really looking forward to the one night stand, but well…play his route if you want to know how that goes. lol 

4. Toshiaki Kijima


Sinful: ☆☆


Work: ★★★

Hmmm…tbh I was really excited about Toshi’s story, he is a sweet guy, but I felt that it focused mostly on their job assignment and lacked romance. I was kinda disappointed. T_T Don’t get me wrong, I did have fun with the job assignment, but I was expecting a little more romance between him and the MC. Yes, I know he had his reasons and that he is a stoic character, but he just wasn’t my type, that’s all.

**These are characters I haven’t played their main story yet, so I can’t officially rank them, yet.**

?. Go Okubo


Go seems like a fun guy and I feel like I would enjoy his story. I played his 3 free episodes and I feel like he could rank above Natsume! 

?. Taku Hayama


Let’s see…hmmm Taku is definitely good looking and probably super good in bed lmfao, but from what I’ve seen in the other stories, he’s not really my type. Nonetheless, I feel like he can rank above Toshi lol ^^;

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