Sealed with a Kiss ~Bride of an Asmodian~ Kyle Walkthrough


Invitation Code: 03IV0dB5.Mhc
Nickname: Liesl
SwaK WalkthroughsWalkthrough Masterpost 

  • This walkthrough may not be 100% accurate. Answers labeled as (+#) are confirmed,  follow the (+) or (+#?) choices at your own risk.
  • You can turn the Jewel Gacha once for free every day, so take advantage of it.

-Chapter 1-

Say I chose him. (+5)
Say I didn’t choose him.
Don’t say anything.

Agree with the additional rule.
Disagree with the additional rule. (+5)
Say either is fine.

-Chapter 2-

I don’t know. 
I do. (+5)
I don’t.


**Special Scenario**  (Need +20)
Sweet Route (Need +5)
Nomal Route (requirements met)

Cover it up.
Tell him I did it myself.
Tell him the truth. (+5)

Skill Mission:
Require: 450

**Avatar Mission**
Premium: Red Balloon Dress with Ribbon (200 Platinum)
Normal: Purple Mermaid Dress (100 Platinum / 1000 Gold)

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