Mystic Messenger: V’s Common Route Walkthrough (Days 1-4)



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Read before you start:

  • In order to get into V’s route, you need to play along with Saeran. I’m assuming that if you reveal the truth to the RFA early in the game, you might get a common route bad end.
  • These are the answers I chose. There’s probably more than 1 way to reach each different outcome in the story, you are free to pick different answers.
  • This walkthrough may not be 100% accurate. Follow the choices at your own risk.
  • Missed Chats: Cost 15 hgs to unlock.
  • Calling V & Saeran “Ray”: Costs 10 hgs. As of now, these two don’t have calling cards, & are not included in the “all characters” calling cards from the VIP package. 
  • Heart Color Meaning:
    • V: Mint | Unknown/Ray: Magenta | Jumin: Purple | 707: Red | Yoosung: Green | Jaehee: Yellow | Zen: Gray
  • CGS unlocked with this walkthrough: 
    • V: 30/37 | Unknown/Ray: 6/6 | Jumin: 6/6 | 707: ¾ | Yoosung: 1/1 | Jaehee: ¾ | Zen: 5/6

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**I want to play blindly and see what endings I can achieve on my own. Please DO NOT send me spoilers**

Prologue Bad Ends | These answers will get you to the Common Route:

(You can skip the prologue & head to Day 1) 


-Prologue Chat 1-
Who are you? Where am I?
You’re the developer of this app?
I’d like to chat with a handsome/pretty guy right now.
I’ll do it! !
OK! I’ll try it.

-Story Mode-
(Answer the call.)
Yes, I remember.
Are there any merits in gathering more guests?
Alright, fine, I’ll do it.
Where’s here?
My address? I don’t think that’ll be possible.
(Send address.)
Get ready?
Go outside.
Yes. Thank you.
Why can’t I take the mask off?
Thank you.
What were you going to do if I said no?
Wow, seeing you, I want to pursue you first!
Because it’s confidential?
Is there a bug?
Someone hacked the messenger?
what happens if I speak the truth?
What happens when I tell them that Rika sent me?
Can I choose a different role?
Yes, leave it to me.
How do I pursue you, Ray?
I promise.
(Start the game.)

-Prologue Chat 2-
Why don’t you finish talking about the quotes? Do you have any other famous quotes?
From the bottom of your heart.
I was told to host a party.
Am I going to be blocked? I’m here because someone called Rika sent me!
Yeah! I wanna talk to you, V! Put me through~!
I was only told to open a party.
I’m not a shady person.
What happens if I refuse?
Yeah, gladly, if you’re doing the research, Seven ^_^
Why is everyone so guarded?
Weren’t you going to give me a call?
I presume you and V are close?
Are you two leaving together? I wonder what kind of relationship you two have…
We will take our time, talk a lot, and get to know eachother.
Good bye~ ~
I was only told to hold parties.
Calm down and ask me one at a time.
It must be difficult…I understand.
Let’s talk again ^^

These answers will get you to V’s Route:

Day 1

00:00 New Face

2:21 Jaehee’s Doubt

6:30 The Open Sea Between 0 and 1

08:26 Cats and Dogs

11:49 Importance of Meals

14:08 Zen’s Consideration

16:33 Dear Party Coordinator

Really? Right now I’m seeing a cloudy sky.
Do your eyes really get better if you look up at the sky?
Yes, please. I think that’d be a great help.
Are V’s works famous?
Where are those letters now?
I’d love to meet her myself…It’s so sad that she’s no longer here.
Are you mistaking me and chatting with me for someone else?
He has a school assignment to share?
See you, Yoosung!

18:17 I need healing time

My one and only love?
So can I start my reports with you?
Lucky 7%
I’d love to see your cat!
I think it wouldn’t be good to the cat if her environment changes.
You shouldn’t torment animals!
No wonder the cat hated it so much-
What about Zen?
Sounds like a fair deal.
That’s a bunny emoji
I don’t think he’s going to tell you.
If both of you trust V, you can just accept me for who I am, just like how V decided.
Can I unzip them?
Come on, there’s not way Jumin’s interested in cosplaying…
I’d love to see it lol
You must really love cats!
Send my regards to Elizabeth the 3rd-
It’d be a phenomenon if he really does! Don’t you agree?
Make sure you give me a copy of the pic if you take one!
Good luck 707! the defender of peace!

20:02 Subject of Interest

Zen is my bae too! I think I’ve found a new buddy.
Are you organizing what you found about me ever since I joined the RFA?
Cruel is the reality…But if you do your best, I’m sure you’ll ffind happiness someday!
Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help!
I understand that you can’t trust me yet. Let’s be friends nice and slow.
I understand you, Jaehee.
I’m not a bad person! It’s just that I have a whole lot to learn!
My game might be over if i tell you. It’s a secret!
How come?
Oh, save me, my prince!
This initial setting is a bit tricky. But that’ll make the progress of the relationship more rewarding.
Your looks are already more than enough help to the entire world. Lol
Time for your preening Zen! You gotta make yourself an international treasure!
I use soaps…
Bye, sexy.

21:34 Richness in Wine

Welcome, Jumin.
Good day? How come?
Do you like wines?
Maybe they want to have you as their model?
Jumin, you’ve already got talents! Now you’re telling me you’ve got looks as well? T-T
But aren’t you delighted?
Yes, absolutely! You have this luxurious atmosphere.
Looks vs business talent…? Whichever wins, I think it will return as a compliment for you.
I see that V likes wines too.
What if both of you model…?!
I’m sure those days will come again.
You two are such good friends!
Do you have an automatic timer installed in your head by any chance?

23:25 Intriguing Person

Wow! It’s V…! I’m so thrilled to see you!
You two make a lovely couple.
It’s all a secret. Shh!
You must be curious about my world.
Can you see anything different through your viewfinder?
They all look so nice.
The purpose of my life…is my bias.
This advice sounds like the result of your own experience.
Let’s talk again V.

Come in
I’ve been waiting for you, Ray.
It was fun! It felt like talking to actual people instead of AIs.
The black-haired man in a suit with a temper.
Now that we talked about games. I want to talk about you, Ray.

Day 2

1:19 Expectation and Uneasiness

He said he’ll be back soon. You could ask him then, can’t you?
Aren’t you going to sleep Jaehee?
Do you have a hidden background story with you? You know, you’re actually the CEO’s daughter…
That’s a true businessman there. He makes the future rather than presen his priority.
A rich man and a celebrity? They sound so otherworldly to me.
He said that he’ll drop by more often. I’m sure he will.
That’s right! Please trust me! I’m here to have parties with the RFA.
Isn’t that a sensitive matter to V as well?
Their friendship is so cool…
What about me? I like hearing about the RFA
You’re mean…I didn’t do anything wrong.
You must feel so complicated. I doubt you can sleep.
I agree. I doubt you can gain anything from suspecting each other.
Yoosung must have been really fond of Rika.
I’m afraid that Yoosung’s sorrow will turn into misunderstanding on V.
But you can’t tell people to do something about their sorrow, can you…?
I should go to sleep too.

2:44 Night of Reminiscence

Good evening, Jumin.
So you’re saying that I’m currently holding information superiority.
I think you’d trust V in whatever situation, Jumin.
Ohhh busted. I actually came from another dimension.
that allows transformation into a completely different person.
Where is my Prince Charming for me-?
that’s one elegant sense of humor you have, Jumin.
Is that what you think? You’re cute, Jumin lololol
You mean a chat about dark magic?
Was that spell…for summoning V instead of shapeshifting, by any chance…?
You’re drunk, Jumin….
You two know each other so well…
But I’m guessing that you managed to get back home safe.
Perhaps he’s sleeping while chatting.
You can actually see that? That must be because you’re his friend.
I-know-no-such-thing-as-sloppiness boy lolololol
So you two first met when you were really young.
So what did you tell him, Jumin?
It feels like I’m having a casual chat…How do you know if he’s drunk?
I think both of you should go to bed.
What’s the matter?
I head bean sprout is good in getting rid of hangovers!
You two share a whole lot of memories.
But it’s okay to depend on your friends.
Could you protect me too?
I’m going to be now, too.

7:50 Unexpected Visit

V? something’s weird about the chat room.
Kind of…But I’m sure we’ll be able to hold parties somehow.
I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I’m curious what you’ve got more to say. So let’s continue.
You really scared me! …That was you, Ray?
I slept very well. I think I like my new room. Did you have a good rest last night?
Thank you, Ray. You’re so good at cooking!
I’m so excited! I think I’ll have much more fun discovering all the secrets!
They’re really AIs…right? They feel so real.
I think you’re really warmhearted man, Ray.
Who is that?
I’ll be waiting.


9:37 The Act of Hacking God

Uh-huh and it looks like your mind’s been wiped clean too.
Hit Seoul Hit Daejoun Hit Daegu Hit Busan Hit It!
That’s my username.
I wonder what they keep in the Vatican’s server.
I’m pope’s fan too! Can you share them with me?
Thank god it wasn’t the messenger server.
Can you tell me what kind of files you had in there?
Can I get a copy of his pic?
Time to call the police.
Please don’t be so mean to him. I’m sure he’ll do his best.
Oh? Did you find anything about me?
I wanna know too. Is it this hacker or someone else…?
Is it because of me?
V looks like a very responsible man.
If he does recover them. I hope he can share them in commemoration of his success…
Are there really vampires in Romania?
Be careful! It could be fraud!

12:00 Lots I Want To Do Together

The user is here – 
Did you have lunch, Ray?
If you didn’t eat, then I don’t want to eat, either.
You must be really talented.
That sounds great!
No, I like you more than those AIs.
I’m not bored. I get to talk to you like this from time to time.
Why is this game so full of bugs?
Of course. You’re so much more amazing than him.
Important guest?
Good luck on your work, Ray!


13:57 V’s Decision

What? It’s V!
You made a choice.
So does that mean to others won’t suspect me anymore?
You seem to have reasons why you trust me.
So we’ll be holding a small-scaled party.
Sure. You look like a responsible person.
I’m so excited to find out what party guests they’ll recommend for me.
I’d like to know more about you too.
Please log in more often from now on.
I hope we can talk some more next time.


15:24 Recommendation of Trust

Welcome, Jumin!
There’s C&R right there- the No. 1 corporate of Korea!
You collect antique books? That’s an elegant hobby.
Sounds great! We’ll get to heat behind his long life.
Though who art deeper than even blood, Though who are darker than even darkness…
Really? What kind of gifts?
What matters isn’t the background. It’s the person itself.
V looks like a trustworthy person. I trust him.
Recommendations, please!
They can take the cab.
He’s right. I like seeing you bright.
Jumin, the epitome of trust.
Why don’t you try reading like Jumin? Try focusing on your books.
Why don’t you try trusting V, too?
Maybe that’s why he can trust V.
I think it’s good to direct your thought somewhere else!
Clear your head and come back!


18:26 The Universe and the Sun

Hell-o Seven!
Too bad. I wanted to invite a werewolf too.
Aren’t werewolves usually humans?
I’ll invite it beep!
What is it, Seven? Is there something bothering you?
You can try screaming into your blanket.
Here he is! My secret buddy!
Can’t expect anything else from Jumin’s friend.
Let’s just be honest with space.
The halo definitely comes from your face…
Holy V
Can you count me in?
Those left behind should carry on.
But if that’s our current situation, we should work together and prepare for the party.
He’s gone.
Does V like the sun?
Maybe the sun holds a special meaning for him.
Maybe he’s sick…?
You’re such a good boy, Seven.
Of course!


20:13 Party at Saturn?

Good evening, Jumin.
Bur it’s just a day. He’ll be fine.
You two must be quite close.
Pluto will feel lonely by itself. So I’d like to invite Neptune and Uranus too.
When it comes to recommendations, you don’t have to force her for one…
I think it’d be one exciting party!
That’s a person’s name right?
Sounds delicious…I mean, sounds good!
Some superior officer? Who could it be?
You look tired…
Good luck, Jumin!
Really? I wanna see too!
I wanna see too! I wanna see her beautiful jump!
Oh my…she’s so cute!
Can I have more pictures of Elizabeth the 3rd?
I’d like to know what mysteries are there about him.
You can watch Zen’s DVD.
Huh? Zen!
So did you de-stress at the spa?
You basically had a hibernation lolol
Zen, do you know that we’re having a party?
We can talk more tomorrow!
I wonder what kind of recommendations I’ll get.
Goodbye, Jaehee!
Your looks will bring better things to you!
Let’s have a nice party!
Me too! I’m so excited!

22:38 Congrats

I was sightseeing in the other room. I thought I could take a break.
They’re beautiful. Thank you so much, Ray.
I think those AIs are not very suspicious of me now.  I think I will get even better!
I too wish you were my partner.
I can see how happy you are.
I want to stay here.
I wanna be close to you, Ray.
I’m counting on you. Please take care of it fast.
We didn’t chat much…You’re leaving already?

Day 3

00:31 Under the Shimmering 

I wanted to chill out more and then go to sleep.
I think your biorhythm will break living like that.
I actually want to see V’s photos.
I wonder how Jumin will look riding the bike!
That’s the thing, you can never find your driver’s license when needed.
Both are so perfect. How am I to choose?
You’re here to see me! !
Zen, you had an accident?
What if something dangerous happens to you?
Tell me what happened back then.
It would have been serious if V didn’t follow you.
V, you should take photos of me someday as well!
Flowers? V, were you Zen’s fan?
You still look promising.
Do something that brightens your mood!
V, do you normally clock in such late hours?
V, you go well with wine!
Good bye!
I’m like that as well.
I’m going to stay up late.


02:46 Paradox of the Survival of the

I was testing the game you gave me.
If you have something to say, come over yourself.
Then it’ll bloom twice as much flowers!
I feel sad for the weaker stalk…
I want to save the weaker stalk somehow.
You’re right. The weaker stalk was the one that sacrificed!
Wow…I’ll look forward to it, Ray!
It was fun. With hidden morals and all…
Ray, when are you going to sleep?

7:00 Take Care of Your Health

Change your glasses into sunglasses lol
I’ll get ready to write it down!
Can I taste it?
Reports to police right now✩
Send in an ingredients review document as well.
Seems you have an innocent spot in you, Jumin.
You’re suddenly acting a bit pathetic.
Catching your breath is important as well.
Tell me more of this cleaning fairy.
Awesome! Why don’t we learn its secret cleaning methods at the party?
Huh; It’s Jaehee;;
Too bad, you were this close to being successful in your fabrication.
Jaehee, good luck today!
Isn’t it enough to have one friend like V?
It wasn’t too far. It was way was too far.
Don’t forget to bring Sevenstar Drink Version 2 when you come back!

9:13 Back in the Days

Jumin’s company?
I’m ready to hit Save. Please show it to me! ! ! !
When did you debut?
And the story goes that it was your girlfriend.
What photo did V debut with?
Yeah,  think it’s harsh to compare appearances with you, Zen!
I wanna be – most very best – 
Great! i’ll catch Backpack Monsters by inviting him to the party.
My eyes are screaming out of joy!
Jaehee, our professional Zen-critic, can you please explain to us what kind of performance it was?
And like this, the number of photos in my folder increase one by one…
Jaehee, your Zen-intelligence is really awesome.
Truth is, I think I prefer V than Zen.
I want to know whom he’s having the meeting with –
V’s dad…I wonder what kind of a person he is.
Silver spoon family class….
I like V’s humble attitude.
I think they pair well together^^
You do know that beer isn’t part of brunch, right?
Does V know about this?
I want to be friends with V too.
Jaehee, have a great day today!

12:22 My Best Friend

Not yet.
No…Humans betray someday.
You’re friends with flowers ^^
I like lily-of-the-valley!
You can! Though more time would be needed.
I’m jealous…
I don’t think you’re obsessed with me. I’m just glad that you seem to care for me a lot!
Then Ray, are you working for this person?
I want to be with you…! My mind will not change.
I want to see you today, Ray!


14:09 Small Cute Adorable

Oh, Savior of Justice! ! Has a villain appeared?
What’s your real job?
What a dangerous mission…I wonder if you can return safely…?
I understand her. She must have been surprised to learn that your mission is a dangerous one…
Will a nude photo be next?
I am curious of the next theme.
3 days….?
Got it.
I was about to recommend the first one! !
Cars are dreams! Don’t sell it!
Since it’s largely influencing the national economy…I think it’ll be larger than what we imagine…
It’s inevitable because of its size difference.
What is it…?
I pay a decent amount earnestly. Though not as much a Jumin.
The father might have dyed his hair….
I wish a dragon would come to the party….
Let’a make an equal world for everyone together!
It looks like a strong name.
Okay! Let’s invite it!
You’ve put your effort in trying to find the most ordinary person!
We cannot decline someone like that!
Whoa…are you going to fall now?
I want to try that!
I’d expect nothing less from someone V has appointed in charge of security.
The party might become more interesting!
I’m worried that V might become baffled with all this.
I should pick up and finish up the work I was doing-

16:32 Precious Friend

V! Hi!
I think it’ll be fun!
Two friends gathered in a chatroom ^^
What kind of person is V’s father? I wonder what his impression is like.
Is it a humiliating secret that you can’t share with me?
Fathers are sad to be close but distant as well. Especially in case of father-son relationship!
I think it’ll be a good occasion to get together.
V…you seem very uncomfortable with your father.
You must have seen each other often since you both lived int he same neighborhood.
I want to hear memories of you two ^^
Cute – ! !
So, who won?
Please don’t say that, V. It’s not your fault.
It’s going to get better little by little, V.
V…don’t fall into too much despair, and try to cheer up!
Though he looks very cool on the outside…I think he’s having a hard time.
Is there anything I can do for V?
I’m going to take a break now! Take care!

18:24 Explosion of Emotions

Yes, I did.
Yoosung, you must be in pain…
Welcome, Zen the Gorgeous –
We were talking about Jumin.
Aunt and uncle?
Whoad…isn’t that harsh? It was their daughter’s funeral.
Rika was adopted?
I didn’t know since Rika had a bright image.
I think V’s trying hard too. Why don’t you leave him alone for a bit…?
I think having someone next to you would help ^^;
I don’t think that’s something…Yoosung needs.
Zen said to help you…but you just shake it off…
Zen…it might reach him later on.
I wonder what V’s thinking….
His way of grieving might be out of this world!
If you ride the motorcycle, V will get worried.
Zen, you will look gorgeous even when after sweating.


20:11 Reason Behind the Curiosity

You’re on your way here? Wow….
I was about to have dinner – 
How much do you like me?
I actually feel good.
It was fun today as well. V turned a bit more active.

I’ve been waiting for you! It’s great to see you.
You talked about a garden.
I want to go to that garden fast.
They’re beautiful…!
Just what do you do here, Ray? Why are you so busy?
Let’s walk for a few more minutes. I want to talk to you some more.

21:49 Powder of the Coordinator!

Cleaning Fairy! Have you completed all your chores?
Yes, it was great talking to V and all.
Yes ^^
I’m embarrassed ^^;
And what other kinds of information did you find out?
Sure –
Feels great that he’s looking out for me!
V said not to advertise.
I want to buy one for V.
Bye, Mr. Advertiser.

23:07 Another Level of Salvation

Jaehee, you should have some of Sevenstar Drink…!
I believe Seven will be able to avoid them without a problem.
Why don’t you go to a shaman? Or hire an exorcist….
Um…maybe it could actually save someone….That’s probably why deeply religious people look very happy.
Yoosung, what have you been up to?
Was it effective?
Did you fall in to the world of gaming?
Seems like a sign.
Sniff…I smell something…the smell of a spaceship burning…
I’m thankful that he’s become brighter…
I believe it’s a problem you eventually have to return to and solve…
Sounds like good words, but it’s always better to do an adequate amount of good deed.
It may be happiness to those that want to be saved by force.
It might not be fancy like salvation, but I will do my best.
Yoosung, it might be time for you to look for professional help.
Whoa, interesting!
Let’s invite him! I wonder what his next costume will be after the leopard.
Vent out your stress by gaming!
I think he just needs a way to vent out like that for now!
If you find it, please tell me as well!


Day 4

00:16 Keep Thinking of You

You’re back!
That’s the one we saw in the garden!
I wouldn’t been glad if you really did grab me.
That sounds like a dream…
I would’ve had a hard time playing this game if this wasn’t a game that you gave me to test.
I’m sure V will tell me his plan.
I think it’s a bit hypocritical…
No, money can’t solve everything.
But don’t you think it’s natural that they overcome their concerns and become better people?
I think the period of unsteady anxiety is meaningful if it is for the sake of overcoming one’s pain.
Can I save everyone if I see the endings?
Alright! I’ll play until the end.
Actually…yeah sometimes.
Sure, I’ll think about it.
I’m gonna stay up for a bit.

2:34 What’s Wrong?

What are you doing at this hour…?
Another hacking?
What about it?
Welcome, Zen? What were you doing?
I think there’s a bug –
I’m sorry that I crashed in T-T waaah…
Who’s your watcher?
I think other pictures would be more dangerous than your pictures… Like V’s pictures for example…
What about me?
Seven…you’re going to use that money for your business, right? Great idea!
Who shall take the throne of the Seven Kingdom?
That’s lit…
Did you make it yourself, Seven?
I should wear what I should for a party
Is he an actor?
Really? He’s that good-looking?
He’s actually a girl!
Is he the kind of guy who’s the sum of you and Jumin together?
But he sounded nice while he’s talking to V.
Me too! Let’s invite him!
Now, I guess?
Are you going to say good night to me?
Good night, Zen…
You have a lot to work on T-T
Tell your housemaid I said hi!


8:15 All-Nighter

Jaehee, have you seen Seven’s picture?
I wanna see V’s picture…
I can’t sleep well either…
Welcome ^^ Cutie boy of the RFA!
What did you do last night?
Good for you…!
Napping on a bus?
Didn’t Jumin said that you’ll make a fine intern? I knew it…
Yes…you gotta have at least some sort of pleasure in your life…Phew…
How did you deal with your stress before getting into college, Yoosung?
Were you into musicals?
Oh yes, please!
but I gotta finish what I’ve started!
Let’s all meet nice and happy at the party-!
Shouldn’t we trust V and wait for him?
I think there’s a good reason…why they didn’t attend her funeral.
But you should hang on for your philosophy class!
I hope you dream about LOLOL
Don’t you think it’s better for Yoosung to just chill out playing games?
Sure, I’ll see you late! You can leave Yoosung to me – ^^


10:22 Understanding and Respect

Welcome, V!
Is there anything you’d like to know about me?
Of course! No matter what happens!
I don’t think it’s too late.
We’re getting to know each other.
Are you jealous? Lol
I can’t tell you anymore. There’s a good reason why I can’t. That’s why it’s even more frustrating…
But why would you accept me as one of the members? You haven’t even figured out my location or identity.
Is there something wrong?
If that’s the case, it’s a bit sad…
It’s okay. Everyone has different history and reason…
I don’t think there is no good or bad family. There’s only ‘my family.’
I think you’re also a proud son, V…
I think you two will be friends forever.
I hope my joining can help the RFA to progress in a good way.
But I think you can do a good job, V.
It’s a privilege of a friend!
Why are you making so many secrets? They must be such a burden…
Even though you might not suit him, you’re quite charming on your own!
Thank you, V…Have a good day.

12:00 I Really Want to See You

Ray you had your lunch, right? ^^
I’m eating right now –
Does it hurt a lot? I’m worried…
Yes, I’ll make sure I tell you…!
I think they noticed that you’ve entered the chat room.
Yes…this game could be over if I tell them, right?
Who do you think is the most favorable one among the RFA?
Do you want me to pursue that AI? Would that help you?
I wonder what the happy ending is like! I’ll keep the secret.
I want to be with you if I can!
Then you can just go ahead and destroy him, can’t you?
What kind of a surprise is it?
Yes, I’d like to stay with you…and continue playing this game you make for me.
Take your pills now! I hope you get better!
Don’t worry –


14:41 Portrait of the Youthful Days

Are you awake now, Yoosung?
Did you do well? Lol
But it’s been barely a year since you started going to college –
Becoming the best gamer in the country?
You don’t have to get into a big company for that dream.
Unemployment is a serious issue…
Listening to you makes me wanna lie in bed…thinking nothing in particular.
Maybe Jumin will hire you.
Welcome, Jumin!
Whoa that was brave
Jumin is right!
Jumin, a single card you give can save a single life here.
I’m a genius. My IQ’s like…229?
It’s a group of people with super-high IQ…
Why do you want to use him as your intern?
yep I think I get what you mean
Jaehee is so professional. She’s so impressive.
So you guys have a complicated relationship.
Right he is.
Good idea!
yep you cant choose what family you’re born into…
And he’s a good man^^
Who could it be?
Is it time for your class?
It’s all thanks to the games.
You really care a lot for V.
Good luck on your work, Jumin!


17: 36 An Afternoon of Anxiety

Is there something wrong with you, V?
Where are you right now?
You’re popular, V –
What emails?
Just where are you, V? Why would your phone be dead?
I hope it’s nothing bad…
I hope nothing bad happens to you, Seven…
I shouldn’t have come here…I think I’ve only pressured Seven…
He must’ve been shocked to his bones…
That must be quite a burden you carry on your shoulders…
Alright. Please take care of Seven.

Come on in.
I saw it! It’s so fun to see AI 707 flustered.
They feel like actual people responding to a grave incident. They feel so realistic. What did you send them?
Yes, it was a surprise. But that’s why I like it.

18:42 Mask Made of Glass

Will Seven be okay?
I think V’s burden is growing heavier every minute…
Did you call V?
What happened to…what happened back there?
Don’t pretend to be okay. It’s heartbreaking…
I’m worried about you…
I didn’t think you’d
You sound a bit uneasy
I think you should rest!
 be like this, Seven…
C Language…?
If inviting this language can help you calm down…then let’s do it! !
A kiss…?
Haagen-Dash 31
Have a good one and refresh your mind!
V, Seven, Yoosung…they all seem to have concerns. I’m concerned for them.
I guess time is the answer.
Sure. Have a good one, Jaehee!

20:10 Zen’s Worrisome Looks

Welcome, Zen the Beautiful.
I think V took care of it.
yes me too!
How was school?
For now, I’m cheering for V…
Yoosung is still young lol
Yes, sort of –
That’s so sweet…
I think you’re nagging again Zen
You’re so diligent when it comes to self-management.
Let’s invite him! I wanna get some masks too!
I’m all ears.
You’re off to play…
But I think Yoosung’s getting energetic again.
You should make a contract with a hospital…
I remember what Jumin said…that you need to be calm for things to work out well.
See you – good night!
The chat room’s dazzling! Thank you!
I want to see V’s pictures too…
You’re so sweet Zen…Sleep tight ^^

21:53 Nice

V…! Does your phone work now?
Wait a minute…! Are you trying to ask me out?!
I think I got a lot of recommendations!
I can see how much you value the RFA…Don’t worry ^^
It hurts so much…to see him in pain.
Thank you…!
Yes, I like the RFA!
Umm…I’ll look around some more.
Wow, finally! ! !
What? That’s too fast!
It was nice talking to you.


22:49 What I want to Say

Am I going to make the contract now!
I decided I want to stay here with you.
That must be horrible…
Me too…I like you too, Ray.
I won’t betray you. I promise.
Yes, please trust me.
Of course. I’m so touched, Ray…
I’ll be waiting…

⚠️ Branch⚠️  (Make sure to save!!! SAVE!!! SAVE!!!)

Yes! I’ll be with you, Ray.
Where are we going…?
Is this where I have to make the contract?
Special elixir…?
What is this?
Is this a medical company? Or a game company?
This is a good elixir. You got this for me, right?
Who are you? What’s going on!?
You weren’t an AI? Were you an actual person?
Ray…what’s going on here…?
Ray, are you crying?
Who is this savior?
…If that’s what you tell me. I’ll believe you.

Continue to Days 5-11…


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