Mystic Messenger: V’s Route Walkthrough (Days 5-11)



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Read before you start:

  • These are the answers I chose. There’s probably more than 1 way to reach each different outcome in the story, you are free to pick different answers.  
  • This walkthrough may not be 100% accurate. Follow the choices at your own risk.
  • Missed Chats: Cost 15 hgs to unlock
    Calling V & Saeran “Ray”: Cost 10 hgs. As of now, these two don’t have calling cards, & are not included in the “all characters” calling cards from the VIP package. 
  • Heart Color Meaning: 
    • V: Mint | Unknown/Ray: Magenta | Jumin: Purple | 707: Red | Yoosung: Green | Jaehee: Yellow | Zen: Gray
  • CGS unlocked with this walkthrough:  
    • V: 35/37 | Unknown/Ray: All (6) | Jumin: All (6) | 707: All (4) | Yoosung: All (1) | Jaehee: ¾ | Zen: 5/6

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These answers will get you to the Good Ending/Normal*:

*(Good Ending: Guests > 15 | Normal Ending: Guests < 15)

Day 5:

00:03 Truth Revealed

Ray, explain yourself about what happened back there! !
This is confusing. I don’t know whom I should trust…
Why did you lie to me?
Promise me you won’t do anything bad to the V I just saw…
Alright. I’ll do as you say.
I think I need a moment to clear my thoughts.


2:00 Data filled with Riddles

So what did you do?
Is V safe?
Do you think it’s related to me?
The connection seems to be unstable…I’m worried about him.
That man I saw was with you, right? Are you ok?
May I, V?
I thought you and that hacker knew each other, V…
Alright… I’ll keep a secret about what happens here.
Don’t you give your inventions a model number?
You’ve encrypted them since you can’t tell right now where you are, right?
Did you forget the word he input by any chance?
Why for a week?
It feels like…there’s some other reason why you must hide this from the other members.
So what about our party?
V…I really want to know what you’re thinking…
I understand that you’re trying to do this alone…But promise me that you’ll be safe, V.
Seven…thank you for understanding V.
I’m fine. You came to save me, didn’t you?
Ok…Please call me as soon as you can.


7:30 Trust

Good morning, Zen! I’m fine!
V sent Seven his location in encrypted form.
Welcome, Jumin!
I’m safe right now, so please don’t worry. V will save me.
I’m sure there’s a complicated reason for V…I’m more worried about him, actually.
I’ll do the best as I can for the party too.
Who is this candidate?
Sounds interesting! Please tell him to send me an email.
So you want us to trust V…!
I see! Now I get it!
Looks like you understand V to his depth, Jumin.
Yes, I know very well that V values RFA so much.
I’m sorry I can’t tell you that…
You’re so thorough…! Thank you, Jumin.
They’re very special friends, that’s why.
Yes, I’m going to wait too.
I will. Thank you for your concerns…Zen! !


10:52 V’s Insecurity

V, does your phone work now?
I’m fine! Are you okay?
I’m fine! Nothing happened!
You had no choice. I’m just glad you’re safe.
Yes, I’ll be waiting..
Alright. Are you sure about this?
Don’t blame yourself too much…Everything will be okay. It’s partially my fault. I was too innocent.
I’ll trust you. And I’ll be waiting. Please take care of yourself, V…


12:47 Lies and Two People

My goodness! Where did that come from?
Fist of all…I’m safe yet. So don’t worry about me.
I’m not sure…
You should take a look at the image Yoosung uploaded…
That’s right! We should call the police! !
So this person actually came in person to put it in your mailbox?
Like blackmailing letter, for example…
Let’s not suspect the members of the RFA…T-T
It’s written ‘LIE’ on the image… This person must hate these two.
I agree…Just who would do this…?
I think it’d be safer to be at Jumin’s house.
Watch out on your way! And be careful of the alleyways!
Maybe this person is trying to throw RFA into a whirlpool of confusion?
My heart is breaking. It looks like V is going through nothing but misfortunes and mishaps.
Please take care of Yoosung…
Gotcha. You don’t have to worry about me!

15:11 Malice and Hypocrisy

Did something happen to V…?
Seems like it…Who could hate V that much? I hope he doesn’t suffer any harm.
I’m more worried about V.
There’s no doubt he’ll see this….
Jumin, Jaehee also got that bizarre photo.
You should have given it to him!
that was…an important task.
That’s so smooth of you, Jumin…
That is big I hope you sleep well, Elizabeth the 3rd…
Is this person planning on sending everyone at the RFA one of these images?
Why does no one know where Seven lives?
Shouldn’t we get outside help?
A cat project.
Great idea!
Congrats!! Wow!!! Looks like we’ll have one fabulous unit!
I’m counting on you, Jaehee!
But if you create an intelligence unit now, it’d take some time to get it to work.
Is it okay to do this without telling V?
You’re very talented, Jumin…
Good, please tell him to contact me!
I hope V will pick up…
But it’s a relief that Jumin is doing something.
I believe the RFA will make it through this well!
I’ll see you again.


17:59 Seven’s Plea

Seven, did you also get a weird photo?
Ugh..looks like somebody really hates V…
…Are you suspecting that hacker?
There’s no way V is a bad person!
If he did, then I bet he’s heartbroken…
We’ve trusted him so much until now…Let’s not think of bad things!
I’m sure it’s because he doesn’t want to put you in danger!
Maybe…there was no other choice for V.
I’m not sure if it’s ok to tell you that…
At least we should trust Jumin.
So you want V to tell you where he is, right?
I hope you can decrypt this asap.


19:36 Zen’s View

It looks like now Seven’s having a hard time too…
I’m worried we’re hearing nothing from V yet…
What are we going to do with V…?
Heavy drinking isn’t good for you.
But are you feeling better now?
Maybe he’s right.
I’d say that man has a heart of steel…He’s impressive…
V! Thank god you’re logged in! Are you alright?
Are you really coming to get me? Don’t you think it’d be dangerous?
Did you see the images…? What do you think about them?
V…I hope the time comes soon.
That’s right! You’re a hero, Zen!
I’d like to trust you, V…
What is this truth?
Yoosung…please calm down.
Yoosung…you should first do something about that alcohol in your blood.
A human relationship isn’t something you can define as one or the other…
Yoosung, I think you’ve gone too far…
You’re taking great care of Yoosung.
V…I hope you’d tell us the truth someday…
He’s right! So please think about it, V.
I think you should take care of him…
Actually, I’m having a great time. I got to meet you and a group of new people.
You’re still grieving a lot for Rika’s death, aren’t you?
Getting what you want doesn’t always lead to happiness…
V, Rika’s choice is her own. It has nothing to do with you.
You’re saying a deceased will come back?
Right now’ you say…? You mean at heaven?
V, please hang in there!


21:00 How We Take in Sadness

Hehehehe are you sober now, Yoosung?
It’d be fun if you two become roommates.
I wish I could talk to V too.
Welcome, head of the intelligence unit
The power of you –
Zen T-T He’s fought bravely and fallen…
She’s right…I hope you’d understand how V would feel…
May I ask you why?
That’s not what I was expecting to hear…But I think V had his own reasons why he looked like that.
So V was so sad that he couldn’t even cry.
That’s called the process of parting with your pain…
I hope that’d be the case…
I see…V still loves Rika…It hurts a bit.
Yes, do think about it, Yoosung!
No, you’ve done well!
I agree…Let there be peace!
Please make it the best unit. You should elevate the corporate’s value.


22:22 Secrets Revealed

I wanted to talk too…!
I trust you.
You will tell us everything soon, won’t you?
You mean that the person who sent the image is this hacker?
But why would you try to handle this on your own?
So is this hacker related to Rika?
But this is related to Rika. You can’t just hide it.
So you’re here to tell us to not let ourselves waver if that happens, right?
This is as far as you’ll reveal, isn’t it? Since it’s a secret.
Yes, I promise.
I’m counting on you!


23:48 Finishing up on a Stormy Day

I happen to be going through one in my heart…
I think there’s a grievous secret regarding Rika’s death…
You’re caring for me, aren’t you? Thank you ^^;
Same here…I think this situation is really complicated.
I can’t give you details since that hackker might see this…but it bothers me that the hacker hates V.
Birds of a feather flock together.
For example?
Huh? Maybe!?
Ahahahaha! ! Good one, Jumin!
But if she’s alive, why won’t she come back to us?
So Jumin, you also wish Rika were alive.
I’d like to meet her myself…
Didn’t you say that Rika was adopted?
How’s Yoosung doing right now?
I think you’re not getting enough sleep, Jumin…
Head of the strategy team?
Hahahahahaha my stomach!!!!
I feel sorry for Jaehee…but I’d like to invite him to the party.
I like Jumin’s personality…especially regarding his care for his friend.
I’m sure we have to wait and see that’ll make everyone happy.
I’m feeling nervous…but I should trust V.


Day 6:

1:17 707 Cyber News

Hello ^^;
You’re getting your meals on time, aren’t you?
I know you’ll win, Seven!
You need a right too!
Wow, no kidding! You made them for fun, but they’re impressive
Should I start greeting you with binary numbers? 0101111011
Why don’t we ask her about the coordinate password?
The sun.
Don’t you think it’d be something related to Rika?
Mint color?
V has mint- colored eyes!
Hmmm… That sounds worth a try.
Do you think V’s heart also has 16-fold locks?
What will happen if you get the coordinates for this place faster than expected…?
I’ll see you again…
Who is it?
Ok…Could you ask him to send me an email?
He seems to have a lot of hobbies.
It will! Cheer up, Jaehee.

2:43 V’s Concern

I can’t sleep. I feel uneasy…
I think he’s trying to decrypt the coordinates as fast as he can.
Do the mint-colored eyes mean something?
What is it? Can’t you tell me?
V, you shouldn’t let yourself get in danger…That might be the best way for you.
I’m already anxious enough. And that’s more than uncomfortable enough…
You turned a little brighter thanks to me, didn’t you? ^^
Do you think I’m attractive, V?
I’m going to stay awake just a little bit more.


7:55 Changes Jumin Sees

It’s a beautiful morning!
Pictures! Let me see them!
V is still looking for Rika’s traces. It breaks my heart.
When do you go to bed, Jaehee?
So how’s the intelligence unit going?
And don’t forget V! You can also protect him!
In a good way?
I think V is slowly approaching me because my heart is wide open for him.
I hope V will take courage and break his wall himself!
What? Why?
Jaehee, please make sure V doesn’t see those pictures.
Aren’t you going to work…?
You should copy yourself and let the clone do the job.
Let’s take care of them one by one!
Why don’t you have a cup of morning coffee?
Long is the way of the head of the intelligence unit…

10:24 Don’t Want to be Hated

Ray, please let me out of here!
Are you the one who sent those images to the RFA?
So you’re saying V is not trustworthy?
Actually, I think it’s reckless that he’s coming to save me all by himself.
Wouldn’t it help you if I keep contacting the RFA?
Now that I listen to you…I’m not so sure.
Where did you learn to hack?
I hope it helps to tell them the truth.
I like you too.
Are you going to make me take that drug?
Why do you hate V so much?
Who is this savior?
What does she have to do with V?
You will come to see me…right?

12:33 Need Some Fresh Air

About time to gaze at the sun, worrying about V…
What should I do God7?!
You’re gonna work in secret with the intelligence unit!?
I wanna get some air on your car, Seven.
You should. Be brave!
Yoosung…why would you go there…?
He can take the trunk!
Stop suspecting V, Yoosung T_T
What about Zen?
What is that? Lolol
He should keep it well until he donates it to a museum…
I think I know how precious is my computer.
Ok…there’s no other choice.
We are going to have the party! The RFA party will be held as planned!
I think Zen would use that to listen to music…
I think we should first help Zen before we hold a charity party.
Home – sweet home –
What kind of nagging does he give?
I wish LOLOL would work on phones…
You said you’re too scared to go out hehehe


14:42 Passion Red

Jaehee, is the intelligence unit all set?
But I think V will be distressed when he sees those pictures…
He said he’s going to get some air – 
What it his car like?
I wonder what kind of car V owns.
I’d like to go on a drive with V…
Here comes devastatingly handsome man.
Lucky you, Jaehee. T-T
I thought of V.
It’s graceful stability that dances between speeding and slowing.
Then I’d like to try Jumin’s car lol
No no you should first get a new computer.
I think you should throw it into a junk shop.
What can you possibly do with that computer.
What’s your OS?
Sniffle…I should’ve given you my old laptop instead of throwing it away T-T
Do you have a Walkingman?
I wonder what kind of pictures V got. I’m starting to get worried.
I wonder what V’s home is like.
I’m sure he does more than Jumin does lol
Rough is the life of an actor.
See you soon.
Do you think V is good with computers?
Have a safe trip! Please watch Seven so that he doesn’t break into V’s house!

Who is it?
How were you doing, Ray?
Are we going to meet her?
You won’t stop me from using the messenger, will you?
What’s your name?

16:19 Yoosung’s Heaven

Yoosung, did you have dinner yet?
Not yet!
You’re at an internet cafe, so you should get a cup noodle! Lol
Arobot? Wow, that’s future right there.
Jumin, have you ever had a cup noodle?
Is it because Jaehee isn’t with you right now?
Where did she place the document?
Jaehee…I wonder when she can return home tonight…
Yoosung, your suspicion is just endless…Can’t you trust V for just a little? T-T
Oh…Thank you for the compliment!
Yes…V will come to save me.
I hope you’d take more action instead of blaming V!
Good idea. Now that’s something only you can do.
Good luck!
I think this sounds all very strange to you, Jumin.
A vending machine robot for cup noodles?
Let’s invite him! And let’s place computers at the party!
Good luck!
How’s the intelligence unit going?
What’s the menu?


18:23 Heading Towards 2020

Zen, how was your exercise?
Yes, there’s nothing like a shower after exercise! 
If I see you silhouette in the mirror in the middle of our session…
We’ll get to hear lots of helpful tips on  a diet! Great!
She said that in the previous chat room!
Is V fit too? +_+
No! You’re going to take that lovely computer away from Zen, aren’t you?!
Is that for Zen?
The latest model runs on Hindows 7?
Don’t you think we should get him THE latest model?
Do you have 36 months plan with no interest?
Wow! seriously? That’s unbelievable!
…May God7 watch over you.
I think this time he really means it!
By the way, Seven. How did your trip to V’s house go?
He said he needs your computer to work on something.
You can actually see photos with that computer?
Oh, two in a row? Who is it now?
Same here! I hate relationships with secrets!
Though I’d like to know that acquaintance…Alright. Let’s invite him.
So long…386.


20:00 Doubtful Family

Nothing in particular. What about you?
No, I would’ve done the same thing.
Was there something in V’s mailbox?
Did you call your aunt?
Why would the sender send such things to V?
…Do you think V will love Rika forever?
You’re not suspecting V again, are you?
Why would she tell you to take Rika’s stuff?
And why would your aunt say that?
It’s so sad, but it looks like something is definitely wrong.
And you’ve been blaming V all this time with no idea about this…?
They’re basically strangers, don’t you think?
It looks like Rika’s parents don’t know her very well.
I wonder what Rika was like when she was with her parents.
Perhaps that’s why she made such a dire choice.
You shouldn’t look for someone to blame. Instead, you should start offering condolence to Rika with your heart.
From now on let’s trust V together.
But it’s good that now we know something about Rika.
I’m fine…I met someone new, so I’m a little nervous. But I’m fine! I’ll tell you if there’s danger.
See you again, Yoosung.
Sometimes I hide my grief too…
Rika must have had a tragic past. I’m starting to feel bad for her.
I’m going to wait for V to contact me.

I’m thinking what this place is.
You look like a nice person.
Do you like me?
What do you mean?
But I like Ray’s method.
Yes, I’d like to, but not with you.

22:02 His Idea of Family

Welcome, Jumin.
Jumin, what are you doing right now?
I’m sure he did. He’s her fiance…
Well, you can’t change your familial environment…
Yep! I’m fine.
How did Seven find out the coordinates?
How’s your cat doing, Jumin?
Did Rika avoid talking about her parents?
Ugh…you’re right.
So you loved her just the way she is.
Perhaps you two got engaged a little too fast.
But maybe it would’ve been better for V to see them.
Have a good time with Elizabeth the 3rd.
So Seven now knows where I am, right?
Yes, I will. Don’t worry.

Why are you so nice to me?
Does Ray have lots of wounds too?
I’m worried about Ray.
I want to know your real name.
You’re not using me as bait, are you?
V! This place isn’t safe. Run!
I knew it. You are Rika.

23:11 What Happened to V?!

V! Are you alright?

Rika, you look anxious.
Why do you hate V so much?
Couldn’t you be the light?
What are you going to do with V?
What is it?

Day 7:

1:20 Shocking Truth

V has been kidnapped! What should I do?
Seven, please explain to him…
A few hours ago…
I’m alright..but V is in danger… We must save him!
Rika and V are apparently not friends…
Let’s just calm down! We need to discuss how to save V.
But it’s no wonder V kept it a secret…She’s no longer the Rika you used to know.
Rika isn’t a hostage…She’s the one who tricker and trapped V.
I’m alright! Please take care of V!
I think he’s imprisoned…
Yes…perhaps he’s watching us…
It’s someone else.
Yoosung, just wait. You’ll find out everything after some time.
You mean what V said to me? To not listen to Rika?
Maybe V was protecting the RFA. He even destroyed all the date from 6 months ago.
I think this is much more serious than a simple fight…
I think we need to save that hacker too…I think he’s being manipulated.
Let’s not hide anything until we save V.
I’m fine, so please save V. Good luck, Seven!
Zen, I think Yoosung needs you…
I think everyone’s having a hard time…
That’s alright. Please take care of the rest of the members.

2:32 Jumin Helplessness and…

Jumin…you’re logged in at this hour.
Rika now hates V.
I think she’s doing something illegal…
It seemed to me…that Rika finds her current location more precious than the RFA.
I felt that V always did his best to protect the RFA. And he always meant the things he did.
V was just trying not to harm anyone.
Is this a secret talk?
Rika did it!?
Then why won’t he get his eyes treated?
You’ll help us save V, won’t you?
I don’t think I can sleep. I’m so worried about V.


6:55 C&R Intelligence Unit

I’m fine…thought aI can’t say V is safe too.
V could be in greater danger than he was back then.
I hope their friendship won’t break apart.
They are working together…I can guarantee.
I think both of them suffered deep wounds in their hearts.
So that’s how talented Ray is…
Uh…no. He might be monitoring this, so I’ll keep it to myself.
I hope so too…
Good luck on your work!


8:46 Staying Calm

I’m welll…What are you doing, Zen?
I’m fine, thought I just can’t sit still because I’m worried about V…
Yoosung, what are you up to?
It’s a secret sign that tells you to clean…
Whoa, morning packed with vitamins and fibers for you!
Well, I think I’ve seen a walkie-talkie…
I heard that she’s in charge of this whole place…
She’s not well in heart…
We should be worrying about V! He’s in danger right now…!
But it’s kind of strange that V refused to get treated.
Rika could have planned all this since then…
Aren’t you going to school, Yoosung?
Please, just be safe!
That’s because of the router.
Yes, let’s do that!
You can recommend guests too, Yoosung!
See you!
But it’s good at least Zen is on the bright side.
Umm…I’m not sure if Rika would want to hear that, but ok.
Cheer up!

Is he safe right now?
Why did you leave V?
Are you afraid of stepping outside from your darkness?
Did you show your tears to V?

11:51 Provocation

You didn’t know?
I’m just the same the way I am. Thanks for your concers.
You’re telling me in person?
A cult…? Yes, it feels like a cult here!
If this place is really involved in illegal activities, shouldn’t we rescue the victims?
Do we really have to fight each other…?
I want to get out of her before things get any worse…
Does something change when I log in?
You mean…V’s in danger?
Let’s do as he says, Jumin.
Yes, please hurry!
I’ll be waiting!
I hope everything works out well…though I can’te help worrying.
Okay! I’ll be right here waiting!
Yes, I’ll be waiting!


13:16 One’s Own Reasons

I’m so worried about V. It’s hard to keep waiting.
Maybe Rika also ordered that.
Okay…Though I’m not sure if the party’s happening, let’s first invite him!
Of what?
Yoosung, are you saying you want to go too? Again?
I see you’re having a difficult time, Yoosung…
It’s dangerous here!
Seven will find out the truth for us…
I think I know what you feel like…
Looks like Yoosung is having a hard time.
Whatever Rika would say, I think what matters is for Yoosung to realize what kind of people Rika and V truly are and make a choice for himself, by himself.
Don’t worry. Right now what we need to do is to work together to defeat this crisis. Let’s just focus on that!


15:38 Miss You, I Feel Lonely

Ray! It’s been so long since I last saw you…
I’m worried that she’ll hurt V…
I miss that place too…
Yes, he’ll be here to rescue me.
What are you trying to do with the RFA?
Yes, let’s do that, Ray.
Welcome, Yoosung.
Did you try calling him?
Why not leave a message on the chat room?
Sure, now run along.


17:45 His Heart

You shouldn’t chat while you’re driving…
How much time do you think will take?
What did you get from him?
Welcome, Zen.
Jealous…Can I have one too?
Now I’m surprised that you even have a smartphone.
Be careful on the road!
I really wish he would…
It does look somewhat simple and honest lol
I hope you’d always stay bright too.
A statue of Buddha?
I’ll try talking to him. For a curry party!
Massage? I wanna give it a try too…!
Got it! ^^ I hope you stay safe as well, Zen! Until I see you! ^^

19:24 How to Cope with Risks

What are you doing now, Jumin?
I think it’d take more time to actually make a landing spot.
I want to try a ride on a helicopter!
Give me a tip on what to do when I feel uneasy!
Jumin, do you have any memory you want to run away from, by any chance?
You’ve been friends with V for so long…So I understand.
Welcome, Yoosung…
Yoosung, are you in the middle of an escape?
Hahahaha wait a sec! I need to grab some popcorn!
Nice going, Jumin…
I hope you enjoy your massage ^^
Wow…Let’s try inviting if we’re actually having one for our party.
Ok…See you around, Jumin.

I’m thinking about V.
Didn’t V do that, too?
(Rejet Rika.) **Note: Embracing Rika will get you a CG**

21:39 Coming This Way!

What’s racing?
So Ray, are you going to see Seven?
Treatment? Are you ill?
But you’ve already done so well until now.
Of course. Don’t worry.
See you soon, Ray…


23:11 Before Charging In!

Jaehee, what’s new?
I’m sure that was Ray…And yes he’s that hacker.
Are you here?
Seven, for now, let’s just focus on saving V!
Oh…you’re professional.
What should I do when I’m in danger?
I’ll be waiting.
I’m nervous too…
You are already more than helpful. I wish luck for the C & R’s intelligence unit!
Oh, it’s alright! Please go ahead.
Ok, I hope I can see you soon…

⚠️ Branch⚠️  (Make sure to save!!! SAVE!!! SAVE!!!)

I do.
V! Are you alright?
Is this what you did to Ray, too?
V! It’s me! [your name]!
Rika, please! Stop torturing V!
I understand your pain, but you must control your devil within.
(Raise V behind Rika’s back.)

These answers will get you to the Good Ending/Normal*:

Day 8:

00:44 Seven’s Status Report

We saved V! And I’m with Seven too!
I feel so bad for V…
Yoosung, V is sick!
I think V was forced to take a dangerous drug…
I think Rika created a religious cult based on her twisted belief.
Yoosung…Rika was the one who put in danger.
Yes, Seven saved V. Good work Seven…
Seven, are you going to investigate the Mint Eye soon?
Yoosung, why don’t you have a nice cup of tea and calm down?
Shouldn’t you worry about V? V is the victim here!
You can count on me.
Perhaps V made secrets because he didn’t want us to see what Rika became.
I don’t think she’ll actually come with us even if we all go there together…
Good luck on that, Yoosung!

Oh, thank god….Seven, I think he’s starting to awake!
You should worry about yourself!
Seven, I know you’re confused, but V is not well right now.
You look sick. You should sleep for a while.

1:59 Emergency in RFA

He’s resting…But he’s sweating a lot…He seems to be in lots of pain…
No, there was this situation, so right now we’re going to Seven’s hideout. Sorry, but I can’t give you the details.
I don’t think we can afford to invite him over here, but could you please tell him to contact me? I’d like to invite him to our part.
You’re so busy late though the night, Zen…
Do you know any emergency protocol to this?
I don’t think…V has any intention of making Rika have her punishment.
V is trying to solve this, but…he’s too self-sacrificing.
She is the Rika you know. I can guarantee.
Yes, I’m sure your bodyguard would have been the sitter if Yoosung were with you, Jumin.
Yes, how’s the unit going?
It’s Ray…
I think we’d better tell Seven.
I don’t want to see any more of this heartbreaking war…
I think they need you, Jumin.
You’re working so hard, Zen.
Good luck, Jaehee!
Could you distract our enemies with your beauty?
Seven, we have a situation!
So you mean we can no longer chat?
How long will this war last?
Ok…I hope I can see you again here, thought I’m not sure when I can…

V, I’m here.
V, your hands are shaking.
Leave it to me.
Please don’t push yourself. Just rest, V…
I’ll hold your hand. No need to shiver.

7:13 Suspicious Chat Room

Tell me about it…I thought the RFA messenger is closed now.
No, let me do that. You should rest, V.
Ray…! This is your work, isn’t it?
What’s wrong with the messenger?
So can we get back to our original messenger?
I’m looking after V.
Aggressive you…?
Isn’t there a way all of us can get along?
I am doing my preparations. Kind of.
So is this why you wanted a party to happen? So this was all…
…For now, could you tell him to send me an email?
No, I like ice cream too.
Could you please ask Rika to settle this peacefully?

9:27 Conciliation Towards Seven

Wow! It’s back.
It’s…back, right?
Seven…it’s dizzy.
That’s enough, Seven…
No, it’s fine. It almost worked…
Did Ray stop Seven?
Rika, I’ve seen them too…I think you need a treatment.
But Seven rescued V.
Seven, is it okay to keep talking to Rika?
Who’s Saeran?
Seven, I don’t know what you two are talking about…But right now don’t let yourself falter. Alright?
Saeran must be important to you, Seven…
Don’t you want to makeup with us?
You brought this on yourself, Rika.
I think we can make up…if we treat your trauma.

This time I’ll protect V.

11:00 How Did We End Up Like

V, what are you doing? You should be resting!
What are you trying to tell Rika?
What was your first encounter like?
Yes, why is that?
So…you wanted to be a painter.
So it was Rika who helped you to wake up?
Rika must have been so happy.
I’d like to experience love like that…
I would’ve been happy…
I…I think it was a process of discovering who you really are. Now you got to know what love is a little better.
But you didn’t know that until now…Ignorance is no sin.
I understand how you feel, V…But I wish you wouldn’t lose your hope in love.
I will be with you in your path to the conclusion to all this. I’ll hold you tight…
I think you can soon find an answer more mature than that.
Why is that?
That is not going to happen…I want to protect you!


13:07 The Demon You Created

I think V is looking back at himself…He must be in lots of pain.
I don’t think talking about your past will be of any use.
What did it feel like to you back then?
Perhaps he realized that it’s selfish to unconditionally and blindly pour his feelings, not matter how good it is.
I think V was just being honest with his feelings…
Yes, you sure do know what’s happening right now.
Rika, if you still love V…Please let him go. Just like V is trying to.
Rika…V wants to become different now. And I want to help him.
Right now…all V wants to do is to protect me.
Please stop trying to put us against each other, Rika…
V doesn’t mask himself.
That is not going to happen.
And please stop trying to captivate Seven…!
Trying to control us with fear won’t work now, Rika.

15:21 I’m Worried of You

Ray…what brings you here?
It’s not V’s fault…But I’m not sure if you’d understand.
You shouldn’t have drugged him…It’s wrong.
I hope your trauma can be cured too…The Mint Eye will not provide a fundamental treatment for your wound.
Ray…I’m not going back now.
You asked me not to abandon you…
I think you must find your own happiness, instead of relying on someone else for it.
I don’t think that’s the right way…And all the things that are forced in that place are wrong.
I trust in V. And that won’t change, no matter what you say…
You did too? What do you mean?
I wish there were somebody who could sincerely care for your wounds…
My heart can’t be divided into a devil and an angel…My heart is just what it is.
Why is that?
…I’m sorry. But I don’t think that’ll happen.
Leave the RFA alone…and leave the party alone. Those people have nothing to do with this.
Stop it, Ray…We’re not getting anywhere.
Could it be what?

17:32 It’s All My Fault

Where are you right now?
It’s alright. There’s really nothing we can do about this. Rika’s side thinks that we’re bad…
That’s not true. I believe that you can love!
No, you can do it, V. You can be stronger. I’ll help you!
I understand that you’re afraid…Think about all the things you’ve gone through.
Seven, are you looking for V?
Don’t you think you’re being over protective?
What’s wrong? Is it bad for V?
Oh, no…I’ll be fine. V, you can talk to me if you feel uneasy.
He seemed to know you well, Seven.
Why did you think that you might now him?
Is this person you’re thinking of the person you asked Rika if he’s doing fine?
Seven, you know that we can’t trust Rika now, right?
Cheer up! I’m with you! I wish you’d get better soon!
What are you saying, V….? Don’t be so depressed! Cheer up!
I’ll bring V with me.
For now let’s think about good things okay?
I think there was nothing you could do about it…You were met with agony because you’re too nice.
Yes. I’m sure your depression will soon go away! Let’s have faith and wait just a bit more.
How are you going to do that?
Instead of a reunion, why not ‘a new start?’
It’s okay! Of course you’d be scared in a situation like this!
I’m sure you can find love again. From now on try to accept your fear as well.
Ok, you can talk to me right by my side.


19:02 Failure

Rika…Are you painful to see V changing…?
I know how difficult your environment was, but you chose to make things like this…
Please, take a look around. There are people who are having a hard time because of you…
That’s no happiness. That’s nothing but pleasure.
Don’t you think you’re taking away their ability to stand alone?
He’s accepted loss of love…So of course, he’d start to feel afraid.
He’s not running away. He’ll learn to acknowledge his fear and love in the reality.
Perhaps V is afraid…because no one ever held his hand by his side.
V has had more than enough of such violent and self-destructive love…Now that’s enough, Rika.

20:21 Don’t Want to be Abandoned

Not well, because of the Mint Eye…
You mean why she founded the Mint Eye?
She’ll leave you if V urges her a little bit more.
You are very talented, Ray…I’m sure you could do something else as well…
Ray…I hope you’d use your talent for yourself.
I don’t think any single party is at fault in this.
You’ve done nothing wrong. But I thought that it was dangerous to be with Rika, and I want to help V.
Ray, don’t you want to join the RFA…?
Ray…isn’t there any way I can save you?
V’s effect was huge in the process Rika founded the Mint Eye…That I can remember.
You mean the elixir of salvation…Won’t Ray grow dependent as he takes it?
Ray is sick. Why do you force him to take the drug?
How could you do this to him?

22:00 Opposition and Debacle

V, how are you feeling?
I think…Rika tried to achieve her goal by hook or by crook…
Rika…You’re back.
V is now starting to change…Even you won’t be able to stop him, Rika.
Now there’s not point in arguing who’s right and wrong, Rika…
Right now V is experiencing trials and errors called love. And he’s, therefore, becoming a better person.
Everyone is afraid of criticisms.
Honestly, I’m sure V didn’t know that you’d do something like this, Rika.
Can’t you two forgive each other and make up?
He said not anymore.
If that is true love, then why did you leave V?
V, you can’t do that…!
V, now you can’t save her…
But now…V won’t love you like you want him to.
V…Don’t comply with her. You’ll end up bringing others into this!
Whatever it is that you want, it won’t come true, Rika…V is changing.
I’m fine…It’s just that my heart aches a bit…
You shouldn’t do that. For her sake! This is where this ill cycle ends.
I respect your opinion, V. But please don’t sacrifice yourself. Don’t forget that your life can have a new beginning.
Of course. I’d be glad to help.


23:16 Pass the Baton

Ray, what’s wrong?!
I’m fine…Ray, are you alright?
He’s not tormenting you…He’s also trying to protect someone precious to him.
Ray…I’m sorry. Now that things have turned like this, everything will start to change.
I’m sure it’s not your fault…I think it’s because you met the wrong person…
Are you alright!?
Am I talking to two people?
Is there something I can do for you?
This is the username I saw back then!
Seven, hurry! You should track him down!
Seven, we do have a plan, right?
I think this is a different person from Ray…
Is V alright?
Are you…?
What happened to Ray?
You can’t take me. The RFA will protect me…

These answers will get you to the Good Ending/Normal Ending:

Day 9:

00:56 Seduction of the Moon

Feels very afar…
Something disastrous will happen if you can’t control the darkness within you, Rika.
I think it was a realization essential for V. It’s not something that derived from fear. It’s something that he needed for himself.
I’m not on any side.
I am a little afraid, but it’s something that I want.
I want to prove that good will prevail in the end.
It seems you’re using fear but have an ideal completely opposite from it.
I’ll…choose the RFA.
I’ll…wait for the sun.


2:43 I Can Make You Have More

Sleeping? What do you mean?
Why did you wake up now?
Get rid of him!?
How are you going to do that?
Give me back Ray.
I’m curious about you.
Will we be together if we start from the beginning?


6:21 Stop It

How are you feeling?
I’m okay! You don’t have to be sorry!
I’m sure the others are doing well!
Merely hiding things wasn’t the answer…But you can change that from now on.
I think you’re the only one getting hurt because of Rika.
Stop trying to sacrifice yourself, V! That’s not good to Rika as well.
I want you to treasure yourself more, V, you’re a precious person to me as well.
Then what about the people who care for you, V? Stop saying such irresponsible things and get a grip!
V, please…
V, if you want everyone to be happy, you have to stop pampering Rika.
That boy…?

V, how are you feeling?
It’s alright. You’re good enough just the way you are.
There goes your habit again. You’re trying to handle everything by yourself-.
You don’t have to do this alone. We can work together.
There’s nothing that you shouldn’t have started. Back then you only had innocent intention…You only wished to experience love.
You’re not a monster, V! You’re just…you’ve experience tragically sad love. That’s all.
You can find your hue from now on. You can start discovering yourself from the beginning.
Please don’t go. Stay. Stay and find a new path.

9:04 Third Person Perspective

Seven! ! ! Vanderwood is using your phone! !
What’s wrong with the design of our app?
No. Not a test…but Vanderwood, the hacker can see the messages you write here.
Say something! Anything!
In truth…I think you’re good looking.
Who’s the call from?
Isn’t there something you wanted to say to 707? This is your chance.
Now I have no idea where this party is heading, either…
He’s sacrificing to protect everyone.
He codes with his…toes?
Hereditary, maybe…?
You’re very good at cleaning. I’ll compliment you on that.
I thought you were avoiding us.
…It might not be the time yet…But you never know about the future, right?
So that’s how you give a legitimate excuse for being single…
How is that job from Seven going?
What kind of photos are you comparing?
What other jobs do you do other than keeping watch on him, Vanderwood?
Run run run –


12:07 Rika’s Feelings

He wants to protect everyone.
Don’t belittle yourself that much…
The idea that someone will save me is just a fantasy.
It may be love to you, Rika, but it might have been obsession to V.
Then you should let go of V now….
You’re only using them.
Rika, will you be satisfied when you make the whole RFA fall into darkness?
They will not want to be healed.
Even without you, Rika…they will find ways themselves.
Are you saying you’re different?
Rika, you’re also using others to prove yourself.

V, please calm down…it’s too dangerous to go there by yourself.
Please, stop being obsessed with Rika.
Are you sure you’re okay with that, V?
V…can’t you take courage and let us all work this out together?
Enough with your obsession with Rika! You should treasure yourself some more!
You think like that? That’s an obsession, not an idea. No more obsession!
You already have the courage to put an end to your obsession. It’s already inside you, and I’m sure you can find it.
Of course, as long as you love yourself.

14:11 Reason Trying to Stop Her

He just fell asleep…Rika and V’s relationship is extremely complicated.
Yes, Rika is now like a bomb.
Then you’re saying that if Rika can take the RFA to the Mint Eye if she wants to?
I can’t imagine what V would have gone through…It breaks my heart…
Since when did Rika change like this…?
Yoosung..will be in a mental catastrophe.
Yes, of course.
She might have hidden her dual side very well…
You can see that, Seven?
See you, Seven.


16:39 You Change Me

Why do you keep coming into the chatroom?
If you know I’m having a difficult time, hurry up and recover! Let’s think this positively!
No…She’ll probably keep doing what she wants.
I don’t mind suffering as long as my words have reached you, V…
You know that’s not the way to save Rika, don’t you?
We can fill that in together. We have time ahead of us. So don’t leave.
What are you going to do after meeting her?
…So are you really going to go? Putting everyone behind you…?
You can start again. Even love and art…Please listen to me.
V, you change is…entirely up to you. I told you to think yourself first!


18:35 Seven’s Persuasion

return “jumin cat”
Seven, is Ray baffled because you’ve won?
He’s right, Ray…You should rather go with Seven.
Ray…You should let go of us now.
You have a brother?
Are you in pain again…?
Seven, you seem to be very interested in that hacker.
I hope V can endure to the last moment…

20:12 Winner Seven!!!

Heart-beating faster?
Hmm. It’s still the same background as before.
Wow! ! ! !
Are we safe now?
Yes! Can we now move V to a safer place?
I wonder what Ray’s real identity is…
Take him to the agency.
Let’s celebrate the recovery of our messenger!
I want to see the messenger buzzing again with everyone logged on.
What is it?!
Wasn’t it all recovered?
If the members login, can they read the messages Rika and the hacker wrote…?
This will be the last, won’t it?

21:49 I Missed You All

The messenger’s security system has been recovered, Rika.
What do you want?
We did. But Seven would have blocked it.
Quit it if you’re trying to seduce them to join the Mint Eye.
That’s a lie…What trip?
For making V like that?
You do know…that your words can confuse him, don’t you?
Are you planning to say hello to every member like this?
Rika…what is it that you really want?
I don’t plan to…Rika, stop being like that in front of me…
Keep away from V and the RFA! It’s really sick and tiring!
It’s now getting painful…
One last thing…?

Okay. Here, lean on me.
What is it?
(Embrace V) (<— CG)
Have you never had someone hug you before?
Regardless, thank you for wading through such a trail of thorns and making it here.
I’m sure you can.
Are you sure you’ll be fine?
Then, please excuse me.

23:24 V Has Been Stabbed!

Ray, we might get to see each other soon!
Wouldn’t Rika and the hacker participate in our chats?
Can the others come in now?
That’s not what’s important right now! Get V to the hospital first!
Zen, call the others!
Yes, I’ll keep him awake!
I’m okay. So is Seven, V’s the only one hurt badly.
I have to look over V so it’ll be difficult for me to tell you in detail.
Yoosung, V’s been hurt badly!
Of course that’s a lie. Rika was the one who attacked the RFA messenger using the Mint Eye.
Everything’s been done but he couldn’t kick out Ricka and the hacker.
Yoosung, you don’t trust Rika anymore as well, right?
Make up your mind after listening to both sides of the story, after V recovers.
Yoosung, you’re trying to look after RFA in your own way…aren’t you?
Leave V to me and you two should contact the other members!
I’m okay…But I’m worried about V…

⚠️ Branch⚠️  (Make sure to save!!! SAVE!!! SAVE!!!)


Day 10:

00:46 I Want to Talk to You

I’m worried about V…
We’ll beat the hospital in a minute.
I think it’s Rika.
I think it’s good enough that you’re worried about V…
Wouldn’t Jumin already know about it? He has the intelligence unit.
Yoosung, what did you think of that?
Yoosung, you think differently?
Maybe…someone needs to listen to Rika. Then we would be able to get all the troubles behind us.
She’ll try to explain, but you must remember that she’s in a very unstable condition.
Still, I think it’s ironic…since I was able to join the RFA with her help…
Yoosung…it seems you need some time to recollect your thoughts. Leave V to me and get some rest.
I’m aliright. It’d be more than great if you could pray for V’s recovery.

Will V be okay…!?
Seven, it’s not your fault…
Okay. I’ll stay with him. Don’t worry.

2:32 See You Soon

Jumin, where are you right now?
Yes…he’s going into surgery soon.
I hope V would take courage and find his inner strength after the surgery.
Rika couldn’t accept V’s change…Maybe that’s why she despised him…?
…Let’s ask the doctors for more details.
So are you…momentarily holding off your habit of preparing for the worst?
Can’t we also treat V’s eyes during this surgery?
V will wake up healthy. That’s what I want to believe!
I think V would have wanted that.
Don’t worry, Jumin…and thank you for your support.
See you!

I’ve heart a lot about you from V. Nice to meet you.
thank you for coming, Jumin…
I’ll be here. I should protect V.
He did?
He cared for me…just in case.
I also…wish for V’s happiness. I really do.
I’d say their relationship as lovers is now over…

06:21 Triangle?

He’s having his surgery. I’m waiting for him in the waiting room…
Surprisingly, you seem very calm.
I’m glad the party is being held. 
Seven, how’s your work going? 
It seems like he was able to prep himself up with the info Jumin gave about the Mint Eye. 
I think this isn’t really the time…for us to start a relationship… T-T
I don’t want to burden V because of me… To me, V’s happiness is the top most priority.
Didn’t Rika say she was going to the apartment? 
I don’t know where the apartment is, but I think I can tell, what it looks like inside…with my ‘psychic powers!’
It’s dangerous to go there. There’s a bomb there.
Rika…I hope nothing bad happens with her and the RFA from now on…
Rika…She hasn’t given up yet.
If Mint Eye is taken care of within today…we can still have the party tomorrow, right?
Can’t you win with his help?
Seven, you have to get back to work, don’t you?
Thank you. Now I feel like I’ve finally become an official member of the RFA.
I think you need to now let go of Rika.
Alright. If that eases your mind…then go ahead.


08:38 Her Thoughts

What have you got to say? Why are you here again?
Now everyone knows what you were trying to do.
What do you really want…?
Rika, you know very well what kind of situation you’re in, don’t you?
Can’t you see that it’s best to leave Yoosung alone?
Don’t try to prey on Jumin. He’s already having a hard time because of you, Rika.
Jaehee…try not to be fooled by Rika’s words.
Shouldn’t we send someone to the apartment?
You mean by forcing salvation and using violent means.
That help is not a justified method outside your world, Rika.
Rika…stop being stubborn now.
Rika…you should stop now.
I think talking to her anymore will only hurt us more…
Jaehee, let’s leave the room if you have nothing more to say to Rika.
Jaehee…I think it’s best to leave now.
…Why do you ask?

What are you going to do with the Mint Eye?

11:51 Zen Worrying Over Yoosung

Zen…how are you managing?
I’m worried Yoosung will see that…
It’s must be hard for Yoosung…
Yoosung! Where are you?
Yoosung, have you read what Rika wrote?
You should head to Zen’s place right now!
Yoosung…it must be hard for you.
Everything’s going to be okay in the end, Yoosung.
Yes, I think you need to take care of Yoosung.
You should take care of yourself, at least for tonight…
Yes…I’m worried it’ll affect his graduation.
Yes. Pray for V’s surgery to be successful.

14:05 Yoosung’s True Feelings

Yoosung…I don’t think it’s a good idea to talk to Rika.
There’s nothing you can gain by talking to her…
She probably doesn’t have the guts to face you. Since she’s sinned so much…
A mess?
Huh? Rika just logged in…
Rika, please don’t say anything weird to Yoosung…
Rika, do you regret your decision in leaving Yoosung?
Rika…what are you trying to say?
I know what it is…and I don’t think it’s a good idea to show that to Yoosung.
Yoosung… I know it hurts, but you have to accept it…It’s the truth.
Yoosung, It’s time for you to learn to stand on your own and move forward…
Yoosung…the others won’t accept that.
Yoosung, It’s time to let Rika go.
Yoosung…Rika has already left.
It seems she has said her final words to you, Yoosung. I think it’ll be a good idea to have some time to recollect your thoughts.
Yoosung…you know that she can’t come to the party anymore.
That’s enough!
Yoosung…I think it’s time for you to stop and have some rest…


16:12 Tattered

Zen, how is Yoosung?
I think Rika really meant it.
I hope Yoosung can get over this…
Seven, what you think of Rika’s behavior?
Do you know when Rika and the hacker will be taken care of?
Is there something wrong?
Isn’t there another way to solve the problem?
Plan B doesn’t sound that peaceful for some reason…
You want to take the hacker to your agency?
I believe he’ll recover in a few days.
He’ll come around very soon! Don’t worry. I’ll keep and eye on him.
He will…wake up.
Can you use it as an ID?
You could block Yoosung.
I agree! It’ll be a disaster if he meets Rika.
Try to cheer up with Yoosung!
Is there a peaceful way we can take care of this?
Good luck, Seven!


18:00 I Want You to Be Happy

You keep coming in. Is this your last attempt since you won’t be able to come in anymore soon?
You don’t even think about the scars you’ve given?
Rika…why did you make the RFA? Did you know it will turn out like this?
The problem was that you forcefully took those who didn’t want to walk.
Rika…please, let’s stop fighting.
At first…you tried to become the light.Is there really no way for you to become the light?
Leave V…to me.
…Thank you.

19:49 Save Me

You did a good job at the hospital today.
Thank you for worrying for me. I’ll take care of myself.
How’s the Mint Eye?
Rika…you’re here again.
Rika…you sound different now.
There’s no meaning in saying such words now!
Jumin, I think we should leave the chat room.
But Rika, you can’t save them until the end. Look at the situation now.
That isn’t something that you can change alone, Rika…
Happiness should be found by oneself. It’s not something you implant in others.
If you going to talk about your faith. I think you can stop it now.
Rika…If you really care for V, you need to stop now.
Rika, your words are nothing but a criminal’s excuses.
Alright, don’t worry, Jumin.
Are you going to be at the apartment?
Aren’t you ashamed of using Ray even now?!

21:53 My Defeat

Status please, oh head of the unit.
What’s plan B?
So he really is better than you.
Then what will happen to Ray?
Luciel the Judicator…
I’m okay. I’m worried about V.
Is Ray reading the chat logs?
So Ray is really good as his game.
So it’s all going to end soon.
Ray, it’s all over now….

-Story Mode-
V…! Can you hear me?
We are at the hospital! Are you okay?
You were hurt, V…You were stabbed…
No, she’s not. Let’s just slowly assess the situation.
Yes, Jumin and Seven said they would take care of the Mint Eye.
Let’s talk about her later…
Yes, it is…I was so worried something might happen to you.
I was worried. But it’s okay since you’re awake now…
What kinds of words did your mother say to you in your dream?
Sure, V. I’ll be rooting for you.

⚠️ Branch⚠️  (Make sure to save!!! SAVE!!! SAVE!!!)

23:59 Goodbye

Did something happen to Ray?
Did Ray…
Why are you in here?
It seems it’s no use whatever you say…
I’ll stay….
Did something happen to Ray…?
It’s all over, Rika…
Good bye, Rika…
Rika…now we’ll help you.
The sun is always above you, Rika.
Everyone will help you…
…Now the end draws near.
That won’t happen.
Seven…did you force Rika out?

-Story Mode-

**Congratulations if you got this far! You’re either heading towards the Normal or Good End!**

Day 11:

8:00 The Ruins

12:00 RFA Party


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