Want more otome games + more content to be available? Here’s what NOT to do to get their attention…

1. Posting major spoilers in an unrelated post from the company.

If there’s something you aren’t happy about, please contact the company privately. Like seriously, if I go see a company’s post about the game is because I want to know what their post was about not see spoilers in the comments. Even the most smallest detail can be a spoiler for someone, so please show some respect to the other players. 

I know we might sometimes feel that companies are not listening to us. Yeah, some really don’t ^^; BUT posting major spoilers on their threads is not only unfair to the company, but for the players, too! I would have been furious if I saw what someone posted today on Cheritz’s Twitter post before I finished V’s Route!

2. Rating their apps 1 star on the app store because they aren’t available in English.

I understand the frustration of seeing an otome game that looks amazing, but is not available in English. Trust me, I know. T_T

You can contact the company directly and ask them if they can translate it/You can give them a good rating in the app store and ask them to translate it. If there’s enough demand they most likely will do it.

Or maybe you can try and learn the language yourself? I know that motivated me to start learning Japanese. ^^;

3. Expect free stuff all the time

Be grateful for the free stuff, but don’t complain when not everything is free. I know, it sucks when you can’t purchase premium in-game items/stories. Trust me, I know, but they are companies, they don’t make otome games “just for fun”, they make these games to get a profit from them. They work hard to give us content to enjoy, they need our support, even if it’s just a small purchase of $1. We can’t expect new content if they aren’t making a profit. 

Seriously, you guys, you need to stop doing these kinds of things! Yes, the “customer is always right” but there’s a difference between giving positive feedback to a company and just feeling entitled to every single thing. Do not be so selfish and ruin it for the rest of us.


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