I finished watching Sengoku Night Blood Ep. 1 and the first comments I read was that it’s shit because there’s a greater male to female ratio and because it has “reverse harem vibes”…What?! What did you expect? It’s an anime based on an otome game! lol I do my research before watching something! ^^; Let me enjoy my Ikemen!!!

I also saw comments saying that the MC is weak. 

Like seriously, it’s ep 1…so what if she’s weak? Maybe she’ll have actual development, maybe she won’t but, give the girl a break. She’s just a “normal” human who was just thrown into another world filled with sexy Vampires + Werewolves, etc. at war. Not everyone can be a kickass, badass MC! That MC is me, I would have been the same, if you ask me. You know what? I wouldn’t mind using my own power to fight, but I also wouldn’t mind relying on the guys+being saved from danger. All the ikemen can take me! especially Toshiie and Hideyoshi. lol and don’t you dare compare her with Ikesen’s MC. Different person, different worlds!

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