Liesel’s Otome Game Reviews: Mystic Messenger -Another Story- (V’s Route


Sinful Meter: ★
My Rating: 4/5

**Not Spoiler Free Review**↴

My first thought when I played the route was: OMG RAY!!! This is heaven. (//▽//)

As I mentioned in another post, I wasn’t too excited about V’s route, but I was still going to play it because I was curious about his character and how the story would work out.


I went in expecting V and what did I get? SAERAN FANSERVICE!!! I fangirled so hard, I almost died.

(Not to mention that his theme song is beautiful. I loved it!)

I sorta expected it, but I never thought there would be A LOT of interaction with Saeran. Thank you, Cheritz!!!

If you’re looking to romance V then I have bad news for you. Even though you do end up “together”, there’s not a lot of romance. The story focuses on saving V. MC helps V become a better person, and that includes helping him let go of Rika, who is a toxic person in his life. 

Another Story takes place 2 years before the original game…

Unknown contacts MC and offers her to test a game for him and you guessed it! She accepts without questioning it, but free game testing + Ikemen?! Same MC, same, sign me the fuck up! (For the sake of the plot + my own thirstiness, I will not question why MC accepted to go with Ray with no regard for her safety. lol)

I thought it was brilliant from Cheritz’s part to have Ray “trick” MC by telling her that she was there to test a game and that the characters are AIs. That way, although MC was technically “working” with Mint Eye, she is not the “bad person”.

The chat participants most of the times are Ray, Jumin, and Seven and then V towards the later days. Zen, Yoosung and Jaehee are barely in the chats. That actually worked perfectly for me lol I don’t really like Zen, so I was sorta glad that he didn’t have much presence. When he did, I would either join Jumin in teasing him or just say that I preferred V lolol


Days 1-4:

The first few days focus on MC living at Mint Eye “testing the game” and spending time with Saeran . I think those days were the best days, at least for me. I enjoyed being with Saeran!

If you’re a big fan of Saeran & Jumin then you probably will enjoy the first few days of the route because there was a lot of Saeran & Jumin Fanservice. I honestly flirted with Jumin and Saeran a lot that I sometimes forgot I was in V’s route lol I’m sorry V fans! V was overshadowed in his own route, but for a Saeran/Jumin bias like myself it was heaven.  \(≧▽≦)/ You get to see Jumin when he was younger, too! I screamed.

Days 5-11:

The later days focus on V saving MC from Mint Eye + MC helping V change + Relationship Drama. Yes, you read that right. lol

Just a heads up for those V x MC shippers, most of V’s CGs are V+Rika. I know what you are thinking and I know right? lol (There was a part in the story where Seven and Jaehee go to V’s house and Seven is shocked about the photos he finds there. For some reason I thought V had nudes of Rika. lol Was I the only one who thought that?!)

You also learn about V’s mom and V’s childhood in the visual novels. It’s supposed to help you understand why V grew up to be the the way he is and what his deal with the sun is. It was similar and way different to what I had imagined, but I was sorta left confused??? I felt that it wasn’t clear enough as to where V’s love for the sun originated from. Yes, I know it was explained, but I still couldn’t see why it left so much of an impression to him that it became a thing to him. I may need to reread them a second time lol

As the days went by, I started to not enjoy the route as much. Do I need to explain why? Well, I will anyways:

YOOSUNG. Fucking Yoosung…tsk tsk. I don’t know how many times I wanted to fight him lol Tbh, I really love Yoosung, he is actually my #4 favorite, but gosh, he really annoyed the fuck out of me in V’s route. His obsession with Rika knows no boundaries. I’m glad that in the end he at least stopped her from hurting the guests though. I feel bad for Zen for having to take care of him. ^^;

I think the story became a little less enjoyable for me after MC met with Rika. It’s just a matter of personal preference. I do not hate Rika, but I don’t like her either. There was some Rika x MC fanservice, thus the 1 star on the sinful meter. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  Not really my style, so no thank you, but hey, I’m sure a lot of you might have enjoyed that. I had my time with Ray, so it’s only fair for the Rika fanservice~

It became less enjoyable when Rika joined the chat room. It was a mixture of me not being a fan of Rika + being the intermediary and dealing with relationship drama. It felt like high school all over again, I really didn’t want to relive those dark times in my life lol I just wanted to save V and spend more time with Saeran. lol

Ray’s sacrifice and unconfirmed death drew the last straw for me. Like how?! Like WHY?! Damn right, I was SHOOK!!! I was hoping that at the end they would confirm that Ray was alright, but nope, I finished the route and nothing. I’m hoping that the After Ending addresses this, but honestly I don’t think it will. Actually, I kept waiting the whole route for V to come clean, but nope. ヽ( `д´*)ノ


Imo: Normal Ending > Good Ending. I’ll take normal ending over V the hippie ending any day.

Enough said.

Idk, the Normal Ending just felt more natural to me. Can I think of it as the good ending instead? 


For some reason, when I first saw the PV, I assumed V was older because he had longer hair. oops lol I actually also liked V’s new look, he looked really handsome!

As for the character himself, in my eyes, V did not redeem himself as a character. While I’m glad that V didn’t died, I wasn’t able to accept him and forgive him. I just can’t like V, I’m sorry.

┐( ̄∀ ̄)┌

Reason 1. SAERAN. 

One of my main problems with V had always been how he never came clean about Saeran. Yes, I was upset that Saeran “died”. I felt that V had plenty of opportunities to tell Seven about his brother, but nope, he covered it or avoided it. Every time MC mentioned something about it, V would ask her not to say anything. -.- If he had told Seven, maybe he could have acted faster and actually saved him. Don’t get me wrong, I know he had his “reasons” for not telling Seven about his brother, but still, I just can’t with V. (It doesn’t help that Saeran is one of my favorite characters either.)

Reason 2. He hurt those who trusted him

It pained me to see everyone get hurt by V, especially Jumin and Seven. Those two put all their trust on V.

Reason 3. He denied his love for Rika and called it an obsession.

I was SHOOK. One of the things I admired from the original story was V’s love for Rika. That was like a big thing lol Although it was a twisted love, I remember thinking, “Wow, he loves her so much that he was willing to do anything for her, betraying his friends, and even sacrificing himself. That’s true love.” I kinda fell bad for Rika. I don’t think anyone wants to hear that the person you thought loved you, didn’t actually love you after all.


I just want to take the opportunity to say that Jumin once again proved to be the best character, at least to me:

  1. He is an amazing friend: He values friendship,

pays attention to detail, he is supportive, he trusts his best friend. Like where can I get a friend like that?

  • His family values: Like marry me now?!
  • He is a great leader: He handles every situation with calm. This man is able to step back, analyze the situation, and take action. Exactly what makes a great businessman lol
  • He is too cute: Like how can he be so cute?! ^_^


“But Liesl, Ray’s behavior is unhealthy + V was overshadowed in his own route, etc.”

Yes? That boy has been damaged a lot. While I did fangirl A LOT, there were some times where I was like “okay, this is enough Ray. ^^;”

Overall, I think Cheritz did a good job giving fanservice to V’s, Rika’s and Saeran’s fans. (even Jumin’s tbh)

  • Will you miss out if you don’t play it?
    Yes! (especially if you love Jumin/Saeran or if you want to save V)
    No! (especially if you want Saeran to have a happy ending, then just pretend that Another Story doesn’t exist. lol)
  • Is it worth giving a try?
    YES!!! Your 300 hgs and sleepless nights are worth it.

**Please note that this review is based on MY PERSONAL OPINION and from a fictional point of view. My opinion towards the characters+story does not represent my opinion towards the company. While I may be curious on what others thought and felt about the route, I will not tolerate any hate towards others who think differently. Feel free to share you’re thoughts below(This review may change depending on the After Story + Bad Endings)**

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