Liesl’s Otome Game Predictions: The Game Master (LiTM)

Okay, so before Lust in Terror Manor -The Truth Unveiled- is released, I want to share with ya’ll who I think the Game Master is. lol

**Rui’s True End Spoilers Below**↴

I strongly believe that Naoto Fuyuno is the Game Master.

Overtime, I grew fond of Naoto, especially in Rui’s route and hell yeah I was shook when he was killed. (Part 6 Ch 3-4) He didn’t just have a normal death, he was burned, naked and his face was unrecognizable. Rui was shaken, I was shaken. I cried lol But that was that, just another death in the game, I didn’t give it a second thought and just kept playing…that was until the very end of Rui’s True End.

In the True End, given how Rui is very smart, of course he noticed something was off. He asked the GM if his prize could be for the GM to reveal his identity. At this point I was unaware of anything, so I was really excited to see the GM’s identity. lol GM then asked Rui what would he do if he told him, to which Rui replied “Nothing. But it would give me a peace of mind.” 


I was like “Okay???” but then Rui started explaining how he and MC had counted the bodies of the deceased the night before, which should have been 6, including Naoto. However, there were only 5 bodies. Now, it was at this moment when I was like “OMG WHAT?! This means someone is alive and faked their death…Does this mean the GM infiltrated himself as a player?! This would mean that the GM is one of the ones that “died”, right?!” Rui then mentioned that Mr. Sato’s body (who was stabbed to death) was nowhere to be found. I was like “damn ok, I was expecting someone hot to be the GM, okay then” BUT then Rui said this:


I was like “Wait, so then the GM is not Sato but Naoto?! My child Naoto is alive! WHAT A PLOT TWIST!” I had mixed feelings about this because I was sad about his death, and this meant Naoto had lied, but I was happy that there was a possibility that he was still alive. lol I stopped and reread the part to check that I had understood correctly and here’s the thing that confused me:

If I’m not mistaken, I remember Yu said that she had stabbed Naoto first & then started the fire, so his body should have had a wound, right? So is the GM Sato or Naoto? lol Either way, the body should have had a wound!

So if Sato’s body, who had been stabbed to death, was missing & Naoto’s body, which should have had a wound, didn’t have a wound then what did that mean? Maybe I’m missing something really obvious idk lol  Unless Mr. Sato disguised himself as Naoto or vise versa lol (I mean Baba from kbtbb can right? so its not impossible lol) 

Then this whole interaction between Rui & the GM happened:


Naoto’s murder was…what?

fake?? planned??

So were Mr. Sato and Naoto working together or did Naoto use Mr. Sato’s body as a decoy to sneak away? I want to believe the later is correct but then the question on why the charred body didn’t have any wounds would remain unanswered. lol

so here’s what we have:

  • Rui wants to know the identity of the Game Master to have a “peace of mind”. He did care about Naoto. Remember how shaken he was when he died? It’s only natural that he would have a peace of mind if he knew Naoto was alive.
  • Naoto’s “body” was burned and his face was unrecognizable. Mr. Sato’s body was missing, so Naoto could have easily used Mr. Sato’s body as a decoy. He would only be able to pull this off by burning the body and making it unrecognizable.
  • The GM stops Rui from continuing to speak about his theory because if he continues he might be hunted later on. That means Rui was on the right track! Also, was this Naoto protecting Rui?
  • “I probably won’t ever see you again.” To everyone else, this may appear as a normal comment from Rui, but to Rui and the Game Master, who know the truth, it could have had hidden meaning. To me it seemed more like this comment was directed to Naoto. Something like: “All I needed was to confirm that you’re alive, Naoto, we probably won’t see eachother again.” He wasn’t even close with Sato, he wouldn’t even care if he never saw him again, so there wouldn’t be a need for that comment in the first place.

& The most important piece of evidence is this:

  • Naoto is a cutie and he’s sometimes mischievious. His choice of words give off a Naoto vibe. I think that if it was Mr. Sato, he would have used a different choice of words lol For this character, they used “???” instead of “GM”, so this could also back up the theory that Naoto is working for/with the GM, too. I highly doubt this mysterious character is Mr. Sato.

Let’s be honest, Sato is a mysterious character, he could be the GM, but does he look like the type of character that would get a route? No. It makes more sense for Naoto to be the GM to keep things interesting.

Naoto’s route has pretty much been confirmed in LiTM -The Truth Unveiled- , I think it’s safe to say that they were referring to Naoto’s route when they said “Game Master Route”. This just backs up my prediction. Plus, Naoto is a genius, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the mastermind. 

So yes, despite that whole burned body with no wound part, everything points at Naoto being the GM.

(´ ∀ ` *)

We will find out if my prediction was correct soon!!!

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