Liesel’s Otoge Reviews: Lust in Terror Manor -The Truth Unveiled- (Naoto’s Route)

Sinful Meter: ★★★★
My Rating: 4.5/5

This review will be divided in 2 sections: Spoiler Free & Spoilers. Please read at your own risk.

**Spoiler Free**↴

Ikemen + Romance + Smut + Mystery? YES, Count me in!!! LiTM is one of my favorite otome games! I was devastated when there was no update for a LONG TIME but thankfully, that changed when AbracadabraGames announced the release of their new app: Lust in Terror Manor -The Truth Unveiled- & the Game Master’s Route, so hell yeah I was excited!!!

I’m also not sure if this was an EN release only? I’ve been trying to find info about it’s JP ver., but all I found was a comment from this month saying that there were still only 2 routes available atm.

I’ve never actually dated someone much younger than me irl, actually I’ve always dated someone a year older than me, so of course, I was never interested in the “younger than MC” love interests in otome games. Tbh, I wasn’t really interested in Naoto in the original LiTM, not because he wasn’t handsome because he fucking is, but because he was younger and I just thought of him as “cute”. One thing I always loved was Naoto’s and Rui’s relationship, more than just student and teacher, they seemed to care for each other beyond that. It’s something I loved in Rui’s route and what made me interested in protecting Naoto in the 1st place. It was then that my onee-san feelings towards Naoto developed. I actually became quite attached to his character in Rui’s route! lol


Honestly, Naoto’s route is not for everyone. It has smut, lewd CGs and best of all, you get to be the Onee-san~ This route is SINFUL ohoho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Naoto is a high school student while MC is an OL and of course, older than him. If that’s an issue for you then I recommend you don’t play it because they do become intimate. However, I don’t think MC deserves to be called out for that.

And before someone starts hating on me, let me tell you this:
Their occupations aside, to me, Naoto is 18 years old and MC is 22, which is okay to me. A 4 year gap means nothing if they’re both adults and also: this is fiction. I repeat, this is my fictional point of view.

The story follows the same pattern as the other routes: MC wakes up suffering from amnesia and forgets that she went to the island on vacation to meet up with her man. She is then forced to play the murder game and after the 1st murder victim, her love interest approaches her and they try to make it out alive.

I think the mystery and suspense in the story is well written. There were some very good twists and turns that left me speechless lol They did a good job in hiding the murderer’s identity, too. Although I narrowed it down to a few suspects, I actually had a hard time at the beginning. There were a lot of times when the characters and story made me doubt myself.

You can think of Naoto’s Route as the True Route. Just like the new title of the app suggests, we do learn the truth about the murder game + island + amongst other things. We also learn Naoto’s backstory and gosh…please protect Naoto.


What can I say? I love Naoto. He’s a genius that has everyone wrapped around his finger. He may look innocent, but he’s not! Naoto can be cute, but he can also be seductive and kinky when he wants to be~ He’s such a tease, too! Like boy, this is not good for my heart!!! Although younger and sometimes childish, he can be mature and reliable if the situation requires him to be. He is mischievous and likes causing trouble for others. He can be quite rude and cheeky with the adults, too lol and often gets in trouble with Rui for his cheeky remarks lol and I love that! You can think of him as the comic relief character. What’s the actual truth behind Naoto though? The Truth: find out for yourself…hehehe


I’m not sure if it was just me, but she seemed a little different to me(?) I’m not sure if it was because she was the Onee-san and had to be reliable, but she seemed to be more brave and active in the murder game. I really liked the MC in this route (actually I liked the MC in all routes lol) There was a specific choice MC made that made me give a huge kudos to her, but I will talk about it in the Spoiler Section.


There are 4 CGs in total: You get 2 of them for free, and the other 2 in the Sweet Route for free if you’re lucky enough to get all (+5) answers and all the Manor Gacha Avatar Items. If not, you will have to make up for the points and spend money. As for me, I wasn’t patient and spent money for them lol Nonetheless, the art and scenes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) were gorgeous and they were definitely worth it.

Premium (Avatar Items/Routes + Stories):

Some of the premium scenarios left me wanting a little more. Maybe it was just me, but I expected them to be more…( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I also think there was a bug in the game that caused one of the scenarios not to fully execute because the smutty preview that was shown for the premium route did not occur.

**Naoto’s True ED Spoilers**↴

The GM:

Before LiTM -The Truth Unveiled- was released I made a guess as to the identity of the GM, good to know that I was on the right track~ Woohoo~

[Rui’s True End Spoilers Start]

Judging from how much Naoto is shown to care about Rui in this route, I think it’s also safe to say that Naoto was trying to protect Rui in Rui’s route just like I had guessed.

[Rui’s True End Spoilers End]

So how did Naoto become the GM? The reason is heartbreaking. It turns out his parents met on the island, fell in love and ended up being participants of the game. Being the only female left, Naoto’s mom was attacked by the men, Naoto’s dad rescued her by killing everyone. How sweet, no? Well, unfortunately, since they broke the rules they faced a penalty: Become guinea pigs (including Naoto) NOOOOO!!! You would think Naoto being a guinea pig was bad enough but nope! The other option was for Naoto to be a designer baby…like omg. Basically, Naoto went through a lot throughout his life. The first time he was GM was when he was 9…fucking 9. I was in tears.

In the middle of the murder game, the GM was changed and although they were different, there were similarities between the new GM and Naoto hehe I had my suspicions that it was Naoto’s dad and when it was confirmed, I was in tears!

I’m a sucker for family themes and tragic pasts, so Naoto’s route wasn’t good for my heart lol I’m ashamed to say that one of my first guesses about Naoto was that he was a yandere, wanted MC so bad that he had kidnapped her lmfao but eventually everything made sense after hearing his backstory and when MC finally remembered how she met Naoto.

The Murderer

Just liked with the GM, I made a guess as to the identity of the murderer and it turns out I was kinda in the right track, but I did maybe over analyze it a little though haha

Like I mentioned in my other post, Takuma almost escaped my radar simply because I know him as a gentle person but now…Oh boy, I don’t know what to say about Takuma. I’m just going to say that my opinion about him changed after Naoto’s route lol I always thought he was a gentle soul BUT I WAS WRONG lol

That sneaky bastard though! There was a point where he got “gravely injured” and for a second I thought that I was wrong for suspecting Takuma. Then it hit me: Takuma knows his stuff, he probably stabbed himself to make it seem like he was attacked. He probably knew where to “stab” himself and make it seem like it was a grave injury.

Not only was Takuma the murderer, but he also did some nasty shit. All was good until Takuma decided that he wanted MC to give him some “memories” before he died. I was NOT okay lol When MC refused he threatened her by putting her hand on his injury and told her that he wanted her to dig into his wounds…like tf! There would be a penalty if Takuma died so MC saw no option but to give in. All for Naoto.

I imagined the worst! They did not have sex, but I think it was hinted that MC gave him a hand job(?) or at least he rubbed his dick in between her legs? Idk, that’s what I imagined happened lol I at least know that he touched her and omg, while I am a fan of the occasional NTR, that whole situation made me feel so bitter(?) Funny because I only like NTR when the ship goes my way haha Like not like this please!!! MC and Naoto had just become one the night before. I was so SHOOK. Gosh, it was difficult to process what was the right choice for MC to take. I saw MC’s logic as to why she went along with it, but it hurt my heart. That aside, I do want to applaud MC for telling Naoto right away! Usually MCs keep that a secret and hesitate on telling their love interest creating unnecessary drama lol so kudos to the LiTM MC!!!

Then Kou turned out to be the betrayer!!! Like what?! He basically did everything! From drugging everyone to seducing Kaoruko, etc. I did not even suspect him lol

Winning the Murder Game:

Anyways, you thought that was all? Well, MC had to play Russian Roulette with Takuma!!! All because Takuma wasn’t happy with the decision that he would have to face the law because of MC’s wish lol I mean, I knew MC wasn’t going to die, but nonetheless it was suspenseful~ It all ends well as Takuma was stopped just as he was going to shoot himself. *phew*

Overall thoughts:

I thought Naoto’s route was an interesting experience, and worth it! Believe it or not, it was a rollercoaster of emotions for me. I’m also going to avoid looking at my bank account as I did spend more than $30 lol Being the Onee-san was fun for a change haha

One of my favorite parts was when MC and Naoto were going to have sex, Naoto says, “Kyoko…I like you…make me yours…” and I almost died of a nosebleed. I’ve never been told this by anyone, I became flustered and then proceeded to fangirling and saying, “so this is what being the Onee-san feels like?! *doki doki*” lol

“But Liesel, Naoto is a high school student and MC is older!!! This is wrong!”

Not sure about you, but my dating range is:

Younger than me: (My Age – 5) | My Age | Older than me: (My Age +13) 
so…based on that, it’s okay to me *shrugs* 

Also, at the end of the True ED it’s said that it’s been a year since the events from the murder game took place and that Naoto is no longer a student. While everyone is free to interpret it as they please, I decided to take that as Naoto being an 18 year old, high school senior when the events of the murder game took place.

**Please note that this review is based on MY PERSONAL OPINION and from MY FICTIONAL POV. My opinion towards the characters+story does not represent my opinion towards the company. While I may be curious on what others thought and felt about the route, I will not tolerate any hate towards others who think differently. Feel free to share your thoughts below↴ (This review may change)**

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