Lost in Secular Love: Update on EN Ver.

Happy New Year Everybody! Here’s wishing you a new year that will bring you joy every day!

Previously, the China government tried to block out the use of steamcommunity but I found a good way to get pass their security servers.

Today, I’ll give you our progress report for our English translation.

In our last progress report, I mentioned that our translation was 95% done, while our programming was 60% done.

Although the programming script was completed early in December, upon inspection, we found that there were some problems. For example, things that were edited out were put into the script and some of the edited script was changed. In light of that, our proofreader @Teleute_Eirene had to go through every programming file to translate and edit the script.

We would like to thank @Teleute_Eirene for a month’s worth of her hard work. She even helped us during the Christmas season. QAQ

As of now, the script is 100% finished. All that is left to do is for the programmer to check the programming script to make sure that the program made specifically for the English version is working and to re-map the UI.

After failing to hit the deadline so many times, I really don’t know how to apologise to everyone since saying sorry doesn’t seem sincere enough. It is my fault for not planning it well enough but I will work hard to make sure that everything will run smoothly henceforth.

I’m so glad we got an update on the EN translation progress. I’m really looking forward to playing this game~

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