Hey! It’s been a while! We hope that the year started well to all of you. ❤️

We’ve been asked which Decoding Desire’s character was our favorite amongst our team and which one would be the best kisser… so…
We agreed that Kuze is the favorite one! We kind of like his brat side. ❤️ He’s really funny!
As for the best kisser, we thought that Yuasa would be the one, because he’s a challenger, he’s not shy and so probably more into deep and passionate kisses. ❤️

What do you think about that?

Which Decoding Desire’s character is your favorite and which one do you assume is the best kisser? 🙂

It was difficult to choose my favorite lol I was sure it was Kento at first because he likes to tease and is seductive, but it was hard not to fall for Kuze, too. Kuze is such a trip lol Eventually the Cool Onii-san, Takamasa, stole my heart away and is now my #1. (≧◡≦) ♡

As for best kisser I would have to say: hands down Kento. I just have a feeling he is based on his personality, and well…you know…he also has a lot of experience lol or maybe Takamasa, as his kisses could leave you breathless with how gentle or rough they can be. ohoho

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