My thoughts on the Ikesen Contest

My stand: Neutral.

I think this whole Cybird Contest thing has already been taken way out of proportion. What was supposed to be a fun contest for the fans has turned into something else.

My initial thoughts were that I it sounded fun and thought about entering (Still thinking about it), but I decided that maybe I shouldn’t because 1. I may not have the time. 2. No Prize stated. Imo it would have been an incentive for me to enter if the winner was offered the merch with their designs as a prize. No big deal though, I have the choice of not participating.

I was surprised to read all the comments Cybird was getting because Otome Game Companies hold contests all the time, and I don’t remember seeing them get complaints. I decided to go back and check on some past contests from other companies, though. After reading through a few, I finally understood why Cybird’s post may have been seen as shady: In the other companies’ contests, besides exposure, the winners were also offered a prize. 

Also, the “Important: Copyright Information” made me feel iffy about it, but I didn’t sense anything malicious from it, though. I think Cybird was trying to be out in the open about the contest by providing all the info they could about the contest, but as you can see, that backfired. I do agree that maybe that information came out as shady. In a way, it does make seem like Cybird is fishing for ideas. I don’t think that’s the case, though…I mean the game is still ongoing in Japan, I don’t think they’ve run out of ideas that they need to take from us. At least I hope that’s not the case.

The contest rules are up to the company. Sure, suggesting prizes is okay, but I think calling out Cybird or demanding a prize is malicious behavior. There’s a difference between suggesting and feeling entitled. Some are coming off as “If you want me to enter, offer me a prize.” and that feels like entitlement to me. I understand some may feel that they deserve more than just exposure because they will put time, effort, etc., but not everyone can or will offer the same amount of work or details as you. Heck, I think my art skills are decent(?), but due to limited time I might as well just submit stick figures. I understand why many may be angry, but not everyone thinks that way. Some people may be fine with just exposure and they will probably decide to enter anyway.

I’m always 50/50 when it comes to exposure. Do I want it? Do I need it? Am I okay with it? Will it help me? I ask questions like that before making my choice. That’s just me though.

My final verdict is:  Please read Cybird’s post carefully and make sure you understand it before submitting anything. In the end, the choice is yours: To Enter or Not to Enter.  

**Please note that this is MY PERSONAL OPINION. It’s aimed at the general audience NOT to anyone in specific.**


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