Hogosha Shikakku. Issen wo Koeta Yoru.

Title: 保護者失格。一線を越えた夜 (Hogosha Shikakku. Issen wo Koeta Yoru.) Author: つきのおまめ (Tsukino Omame) Synopsis: “Uncle…I’m not a child anymore…” With his naked niece in the bath, tongues entwined. With her uncle’s long and delicate fingers carefully touching her, her lower body got really wet. Before he knew it, the niece he still thought was a child, had the body of an adult. She had become a woman. Chizuru who had lost her parents at the age of 8 was taken in by her uncle, and the two of them lived together as family since then. However, the night Chizuru turned 20, their relationship changed.

There’s also a Drama CD that was released last September



  • Yukihisa Sena (CV. Hatoman Gunsou)
  • Chizuru Sena (CV. Ayumi Sarah)
  • Yoshimura (CV. Kamishiro Hajime)
  • Fujita (CV. Shinsenryoku)
It includes a lot of original stories for Drama CD only! ※ This work is a Drama CD not a Situation CD. The voice of the heroine is recorded.
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