I decided to end my Mini-Hiatus earlier than what I had initially decided (´ ∀ ` *)

I’ve been debating what Drama CDs to buy for my March 2018 order and after a lot of debate, decided to drop Idolish7′s OP & ED (I’M SO SORRY TRIGGER T_T) to purchase Rogue et Noir: Second Barrel lol 

So what was the deciding factor? I fell in love with Rouge et Noir Vol. 5 when I listened to it last night and did a bit of research on the Rogue et Noir series. It really caught my interest plus 河村眞人 is one of my biases so yeah ^_^

Just Kidding!

I did initially decide to drop Idolish7′s OP & ED but have you seen the Diamond Fusion MV? Yup, I couldn’t let Idolish7′s ED go because it has Heavenly Visitor and Diamond Fusion lol + there’s a square button badge bonus and I want it! Trigger is my bias hehe I am a bit sad I won’t be getting the double sided B2 poster bonus offered if you bought the OP & ED together though T_T

Also, just got the Day 10 Bad Ending for Ray. I’m so done lmfao 😭😭😭

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