Accela Kickstarter Project: SAMURAI BLADE


Kickstarter Project – SAMURAI BLADE – !! 😍


Currently we are working on the new game “Samurai Blade”! As always, we strive for you to create quality content and exciting stories. ❤

This time you can support us! With your help, we can improve the game and add new soundtracks and graphics.

If you support us, you contribute to the improvement of the game and we have the opportunity to create new specials and bonus content for you.

Release in June 2018! We’re planning to release the game on the Google Play Store and the AppStore.

Check out our Kickstarter project and get a first glimpse of the new characters! 😍

**IMPORTANT: This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Sat, March 24 2018 2:12 AM CDT.**

  • Link to Kickstarter below @ Source↴ or simply google: “Kickstarter Project – SAMURAI BLADE -”

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