Liesel’s thoughts on B: The Beginning

I just finished watching B: The beginning and oh wow, it was fucking amazing! This is my type of show! It’s competing with Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens and IDOLiSH7 as my top anime of the Winter 2018 season.

It took me a whole week to watch it because I wanted to savor it. Really, I wanted to watch all episodes in one sitting but I stopped myself. I watched 6 episodes last Sunday and then just went from there lol I was literally speechless at the end!

My Rating: 9.5/10


It’s no secret that I choose my anime first by the art and then by the storyI love pretty art (*ahem* Ikemen) and love the supernatural, psychological and mystery genres, so yes, B: The Beginning caught my attention immediately.

I really enjoyed the story and the characters (including the villains). I saw a lot of comments regarding how the story could have done without the supernatural element because it didn’t fit in or how it felt like two separate stories. Tbh I thought it was a good combination and it made more exciting and mystifying to me. We had real “Gods”, we had humans with “godlike abilities” like Keith Flick, and then we had humans trying to “play god” living in the same world. I think there was more to it than just “Oh hey let’s just add gods/supernatural elements in this mystery/suspense/crime/etc. anime for the heck of it.”

Just think about it…what could have been the reason for putting those two elements together? Things like: Who’s the real monster though? The “Gods”, the humans with “godlike abilities” or the humans trying to “play god”? These are some of the things that come to mind. That’s just me though, I tend to like those “okay shows” because to me they are intriguing. They’re like hidden gems that have much more to them than meets the eye.  

This show wasn’t good for my heart either. I think they did a good job with that, too. Things like trying to save your loved ones yet being unable to, favorite characters being close to dying, tragic family pasts, even the motives for some of the villains, etc. made me cry so much.

There were some good ass plot twists that caught me off guard. (Even if these things might have been obvious, these flew over my head lol) 1. That Keith actually knew Koku from before. I mean, I knew that there had to be some sort of relation between Koku and Keith for the story to come together, but I didn’t expect that Keith was the one who had solved the riddle thingy or that he was the son of the doctor who took care of Koku. 2. It never occurred to me that Minatsuki was actually the guy in the hat (Sei/Ren from Dramatical Murder??? lol) I was so sure he was a minor character and that Minatsuki was the blonde guy! 3. That Kirisame was alive and a villain.

He’s hot though so all good.

I mean, when I saw Keith’s dad telling him to take Koku away I was like “I feel like this little shit is going to betray Koku and lead him to an ambush.” but then he died so I was like “I was wrong lol” 4. A possible S2~ 

Ok, maybe I’m just a simple girl that enjoys the simple things and is being biased because like I said: This is my type of show. lol


Keith: I loved Keith Flick. I love those types of highly intelligent characters, they’re just so fascinating to me. They’re geniuses when it comes to solving things yet so dumb in some areas like failing to recognize they’re not alone or when it comes to love, etc. lol

Gilbert: Characters like Gilbert are fascinating, too. I couldn’t help but feel really sad for him at the end, especially if what Lily said about him entrusting Keith with ending his life was his true motive. Also, he truly loved Erika didn’t he? Yet he was so fucked up that he just killed her. Being a genius is both a blessing and a curse.

Koku: Tbh at first I declared Koku as my favorite character. Not only is he handsome and a badass but he is also voiced by Yuuki Kaji. I thought he was the MC at first, too hehe Anyways, I really liked his character but not as much for him to be my favorite anymore. I also felt that he didn’t have a lot of screen time.

Lily: I thought Lily was annoying at first tbh because I don’t like those loud and obnoxious characters. Lily grew on me though, she proved to be highly capable/competent and I started to see her in a different light. Eric even compared her to Keith at some point, like dayuumm!

Izanami: I had a hard time figuring out if she was a girl or a boy. Not that it matters because even if she only appeared for a brief moment I shipped her with Koku (especially after that scene where she blows him a kiss and even more when it’s revealed that she sacrificed herself for him…like wow) lol

Bran: OMG I loved him too even if he was like a minor character lol I died a little inside when he was “killed”. I was glad to find out he was alive, but then I almost died again when they tried to kill him again. I was like “Come on, I can’t do this a 2nd time, please don’t kill him.”

RIS Team (overall): I really liked the team members, they were like a family and cared for eachother. Not going to lie, I wanted them all to live so I couldn’t help but worry every episode about whether one of them would be killed off. (I also shipped Eric x Kaela btw lol)

My only complains would be that…

1. Some characters didn’t get as much screen time as I would have liked 2. It only had 12 episodes, but these reasons are mostly from my selfish ass pov because I just didn’t want it to end. I for one wanted to see Keith and Lily as a couple. lol

Anyways the 12 eps was understandable since: That f*ucking ending scene though! like what?!!!! I had already accepted that this was the end and totally didn’t expect that lol

Maybe my memory is failing me but didn’t we see a glimpse of a mysterious person in the shadows in the earlier episodes? At the time I really wanted to see who this mysterious person was (which I’m now sure it was Kirisame) but when they showed Minatsuki and Gilbert as the villains I thought it had been one of them so I didn’t think much about it anymore.

Anyways, here’s to the possible S2!!!

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