[R18 Drama CD] Kitoku Renai -Futari dake no Yawa-

Dangerous Love ~Night Story only between Two~ (CV: Tenhou Itsuka)
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Title:  危篤恋愛~二人だけの夜話~

Release Date: 2018.03.10

CV: Tenhou Itsuka

Label: chocolat blanc

Type: R18 Drama CD

Main CD


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One night. As usual, you’re riding the train on your way back home from work. All of the sudden someone grabs your arm from behind. The one who grabbed your arm was Chitose Shibuki, a college student who lives in your neighborhood.

Once again, one night, Chitose approaches you again and says “Tutor me or I’ll r*ape you.” You reflexively nod out of fear, and become his private tutor. However, to postpone the moment of being violated, you end the lesson at a good part every night.

“Let’s continue with this tomorrow…”

This is repeated every night, what awaits at the end of a night tale of just two people is…


Name: Chitose Shibuki
Age: 20
Likes: Books, Quiet Places, Sweet Things

He lives in your neighborhood, a college sophomore. He belongs to the Southwest Asian Department. You played together several times as children, but are no longer close. To put it nicely, he is earnest, to put it bluntly, he has a persistent personality.

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Liesl’s Sinful Corner:

Oh my gosh!!! I have really high expectations of this one. (Yes, I preordered it!) This is my first time purchasing a work from this seiyuu, but Tenhou’s voice is amazing!!! (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

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