Yasashii Rakuen: Episode Terra


Title: やさしい楽園 -テッラの章-

CV: Shinsenryoku

Release Date: 2018.05.25

Label: d’Avrilmoon

Type: R18 Drama CD


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“I want you, the mark of ownership is always throbbing….” When you return to me.

Your two older brothers completed a doll out of jewels, you felt that they also spoiled her like a little sister. You became envious, you learned how to make a doll from your eldest brother, and how to find a jewel from your second eldest brother. You still don’t understand what it is to have a heart, Little by little, you put together a “special one”.
And as if waiting for that moment, a man came to your atelier. Even if that man can’t accept the truth, you are convinced that he will come to the atelier again. In the depths of the heart of a lonely angel who can not break out of its shell, another desire lay dormant.

“I want you, the mark of ownership is always throbbing….”

I’ve always been robbed of my important things first. I only wanted ordinary happiness.
Who does the hand being extended to me now belong to, is it an angel’s or a devil’s? An angel’s kiss is sweet enough to make you dizzy, a devil’s fingertips seduces you as they trace your whole body. I supplicated to you many times as I lost myself and was controlled by an unusual heat. The pretext of doing business succumbs every time to your touch. The truth is that I want you to accept me as I am. My common sense, fragility, self-worth, and lewd selfishness. You are the only one that knows.

New characters continue to be added to the mysterious pattern in my lower body.


Name: Shiyou / Kerubim
Age: 30 years old
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 73 kg
Appearance: Black hair, brown eyes, reddish when exposed to light.

A Judicial scrivener. He is reliable yet also incredulous, putting up a wall around him. He will quit at the office where currently works at once the succession is over, and will work independently. He lost his parents in an accident and lived with his sister until she became an adult. You later named him Kerubim. Has inverted nipples.

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Liesl’s Sinful Corner:

This is actually the 4th volume of Yasashii Rakuen, but tbh I wasn’t interested in the 1st three. The art style is not really my type so the other charas didn’t catch my attention, but HOT DAYUM look at this man! It’s my motto to never pass up on a megane, especially if they’re looking like that. 💦💦💦 I don’t really know much of this series, but I always thought the 3 siblings mentioned in the previous ones were all guys, it seems like the youngest was a female (Heroine) and Shiyou is a human that will become her doll~ I love how his mark is at a convenient place…on his dick lolol

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