Meguru Koi wa Renge no Gotoku


Title: 廻ル恋は蓮華の如く

Label: milky chain

Type: R18 Drama CD

Release Dates:

  • 2018.04.25 Meguru Koi wa Renge no Gotoku Vol. 1 Oboeteiru Futari (CV. Masato Kawamura)
  • 2018.05.30 Meguru Koi wa Renge no Gotoku Vol. 2 Oboeteiru Kare (CV. Waruta Higeuchi)
  • 2018.06.27 Meguru Koi wa Renge no Gotoku Vol. 3  Wasureteshimatta Kare (CV. Haru Danji)


Let’s go round and round, until the day we meet again…

I was born again and met people whom I loved in my “previous life”.
This is the love story about the memory of two――


Junnya Higashikuze 
28 years old. The only son of a prestigious family that’s been around since ancient times, he does not want to continue in his family’s footsteps, and runs a veterinary clinic in his father’s building.

Previous Life: 葵月帝 (Emperor Kigetsu), Emperor of the Time x Minister’s Daughter (Heroine)

Mei Douji
31 years old. A salary worker that works for an architecture company. Has a good reputation both inside and outside the company, a good man, younger people in particular look up to him like an older brother.

Previous Life: 山藤 (Yamafuji), Demon’s Leader x Samurai’s Daughter (Heroine)

Akito Hyoubu
25 years old. The hairdresser in charge of the heroine at the beauty salon where the heroine frequents. He is friendly and fair-spoken.

Previous Life: 阪堂 蛍次朗 (Kenjirou Gendou), Second son of a merchant’s house x Prostitute (Heroine)

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