Lost in Secular Love: Update on EN Ver. (March 2018 )


Recruiting Final Beta Testers for Lost in Secular Love


Thanks to the patient waiting and encouragement of each and every English-speaking players, we have now completed testing the full game for the first time, and fixed some bugs. This time, we are looking for last batch of volunteer testers. Thanks to every player who is willing to sign up and help us.

【Recruitment Requirements】

1. English-speaking players who have previously purchased Lost in Secular Love (We are awfully sorry since many players, believing in us, have purchased the game and waited for up to a year.)

2. Players who have abundant time before April 14, 2018, and can send bug reports to our email address (service@yetuavg.com) before that date.


For those volunteer testers who report bugs before April 14, we will give you the Steam key for all paid DLCs of Lost in Secular Love.

If you already have them, I will send you a game key for another game we developed instead.

【To Sign Up】

If you meet the recruitment requirements, simply leave a message in the comment area. I will draw 10 volunteers, and ask for their Steam usernames & emails to grant special authority on the developer’s back end.

Notably, I am not fluent in English and may use machine translation when contacting you. I hope it won’t offend you.

Please note: Link to post @ Source↴

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