I did some thinking: After realizing the lack of otome game posts in my blog and realizing that I havent opened any free app in the past month, I came to the decision that Im no longer going to be an active free to play mobile otome game player and instead focus on paid otome games. This DOES NOT mean Im not posting about otome games in general anymore.

This decision was based on how I was left feeling conflicted about several situations regarding F2P otome games/companies. If I had to say: 95% is regarding SWD, 4% being about event/routes timing (not just from SWD btw), the other 1% on some minor difference in opinion. I decided that it was best to just step away and say goodbye for the time being. They were fun years, but I’m at a moment in time where I no longer feel excited about even opening the F2P apps. I never thought I would say this tbh lol but it’s the truth.

This will allow me to give my attention to many of my fully paid otome games that I’ve yet to finish. I will be able to take my time and not worry about events, avatar missions, etc. Not to mention that over time, F2P games can be quite expensive if you fully want to enjoy them. I will rather spend my money elsewhere like importing fully paid games, purchasing complete routes or games, etc. 

I will play F2P otome games occasionally, a select few, and most likely just events. There are still some games I can’t say goodbye to because they’re special to me though: Liar! Uncover the Truth, Several Shades of Sadism, Decoding Desire and a few others.

I will also play a few JP F2P games, but I don’t expect to stress about them or make a lot of progress as I’ll be a slow reader. Other than that, all my attention will be for paid otome content.

I apologize if you became my follower solely because of my otome game content, but I won’t be able to deliver that kind of content like I used to for the time being. Thanks for your support! 


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