[R18 Drama CD] Toro-Kyun Otomari -KyunToma-


» Title: とろきゅんお泊まり -きゅんとま-・Nonstop Qun Heart!
» Label: NiNO
» Type: R18 Drama CD
» Release Dates:

  • 2018.06.27 Toro-Kyun Otomari -KyunToma- Vol. 1 Enren Kare x Kare no Oheya (CV. Shinsenryoku)
  • 2018.07.25 Toro-Kyun Otomari -KyunToma- Vol. 2 Douryuo Kare x Onsen Ryokan (CV. Manaka Sawa)
  • 2018.08.29 Toro-Kyun Otomari -KyunToma- Vol. 3 Dousou Kare x Love Hotel (CV. Haru Danji)
  • 2018.09.26 Toro-Kyun Otomari -KyunToma- Vol. 4 Joushi Kare x Koukyuu Resort (CV. Masato Kawamura)

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In its entirety! Your heart won’t be able to stop beating…❤

What is KyunToma (Nonstop Qun Heart!)?

In a different place than usual, more passionate than usual. You spend your time together to your heart’s content on an overnight date! Whether asleep or awake, you find yourself in his embrace. Feeling open-minded, will you do something a little bold?

Even if your whole body melts you won’t be able to get away, a Nonstop Qun Situation CD.

Liesel’s Sinful Corner:

Another overnight date Situation CD?! Why do you do this to me, NiNO? Give me something like Aizoku Blood Birth or Gastronomie T_T Well, their art is always so pretty and all the seiyuu are my biases lol I don’t care if this is vanilla, I’m getting it!

I wonder who the seiyuu for vol. 3 will be…Please let it be Chasuke or Masato Sakurai! If I base it on looks or seiyuu, I can’t decide which one catches my eye the most, but if I dare make a guess, I think Satoru (Vol.3) & Takashi (Vol. 4) will be more to my liking based on their personalities.

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