[R18 Drama CD] Boy Threatens ~Shounen wa Kyouhakusuru~

Title: Boy Threatens~少年は脅迫する~
Release Date: 2018.05.25
CV: Shiro Yukinoaya
Label: Swallow
Type: R18 Drama CD


You cannot escape from this fate.

Following her passion for teaching, the heroine dreams of becoming a good teacher.  However, even though it’s not allowed, she finds a night-time job due to her parents’ huge amount of debt. Her night job is located far from her home, and since it’s temporary she keeps it to herself. One day, she catches the student in charge of the class, “Subaru Yuuki” in possession of an adult magazine at school. The unexpected behavior from the handsome and outstanding student Subaru sparks the sense of duty of a teacher from the heroine. Trying to guide the gentle student, the heroine calls Subaru to the guidance room……Before she knows it, what should have been a guidance lesson from the heroine, turns into a situation where she is threatened.

The days of hell begin as she is violated by the devil-like boy with a beautiful smile.

Liesel’s Sinful Corner:

WOW! What’s up with this plot?! Swallow doesn’t disappoint, I think they’ve won me over! lol Seems like this time I’ll be venturing into Student x Teacher Situation CD which is my not so favorite theme, but Dark + Younger x Older MC is to my liking so let’s see how it goes.

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