[R18 Drama CD] Shuuchaku eye 3


» Title: 執着eye3
» CV: Jun Teratake
» Release Date: 2018.07.27
» Label: BULLET
» Type: R18 Drama CD


Someone is watching me–.

You decided to live away from your parents and started living alone while pursuing your college education, and so far, every day has been fulfilling. One night, there was a sudden blackout in your apartment, and there was nothing you could do but pass time in the dark.

The next day, the landlord, Naoki Asai, went to your room to inspect the breaker.

“Please tell me if you face any problems again.”

You feel a sense of relief from the reassuring words from Asai. The following week, a tapping device is discovered when Asai once again goes to your room to inspect the water supply. The whole situation feels so unreal and you become frightened, but you are reassured once more by the kind words from Asai.

Since that day, Aoi frequently visits your room because he is worried about you. Eventually, you start feeling attracted to him because of the sense of security you feel with him who is older than you, and you start becoming closer.

Unaware of that distorted fate that awaited–

The true ending to this yandere+suspense story is…Is this obsession “Love” or “Madness”?

💌 Liesel’s Sinful Corner 💌

Yandere! Yandere! Yandere! 💦💦💦 He looks so damn creepy but I love him anyways because I’m trash for these lmfao


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