Yoshiki Nakajima: Toma Kiriya (Irresistible Mistakes), Yamato Higa (Amai Choubatsu),

& Nitta (Hinamatsuri) share the same VA!!!

…and it actually took me a while to finally realize this lmfao

All it took was a tweet from sensei to finally put the pieces together lol A few weeks ago Izumi Show tweeted how “Nitta from Hinamatsuri is cool” and then she replied to her tweet saying how “She was inspired by him when she drew Yamato (Same Voice)” 

Okay, at this point I was already mind-blown because I’m also watching Hinamatsuri and love Nitta (his voice is so soothing, like omg I’m in love!) but I had no idea it was the same VA (you can’t blame me lol Yamato hadn’t really talked much in the early episodes) Also, check this out: The heroines from Hinamatsuri and Amai Choubatsu share the same name: Hina. They both have a protector who is a yakuza…like OMG! 

Anyways, when I saw the 2nd tweet from Izumi Show about how they were the same VA I immediately went to confirm the seiyuu’s name which is Yoshiki Nakajima. His picture looked so damn familiar, but I couldn’t tell from where I had seen it before. The first thing that came to my mind was “Drama CDs” since his voice is so nice, so thirsty ass hoe me searched his name in my tumblr to see if I had posted any of his works and I almost died! Why? Because I did find a post. It was of the time when I was desperately looking for Toma Kiriya’s VA & the time I finally got the answerSo here I am still mind-blown that two of my favorite husbands share the same VA lol

Although I had seen his name many times because of the Amai Choubatsu posts, his name didn’t ring a bell. lol

Sadly, it was his photo and not his name that I recognized. mainly because he doesn’t have many roles I guess   It’s also funny because I had seen the Amai Choubatsu 1st Nico Live where he makes an appearance and I didn’t recognize him either hahah In my defense, he looks so damn different from his photo vs how he looked there. (It’s the hair) 

I’m really happy that he seems to be having more roles now compared to back then. When I searched for him some time ago while I was looking for Toma’s VA, I couldn’t really find info about him. His voice is amazing and sexy, so he definitely needs more roles, I wish him the best! 

Now that I have this off my chest, I hope you’re as mindblown as I am~

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