[R18 Drama CD] Daraku no Kuni no Alice: ALICE with Caterpillar -Imomushi to Kimeseku-


Title: 堕落の国のアリス ALICE with Caterpillar 芋虫とキメセク
CV: Isamu Kuroi
Release Date:
Label: Bitter Princess Label
Type: R18 Drama CD


There was a country full of perversion,

You find yourself lost in an unfamiliar forest, your body shrinks like a little girl’s and you have no recollection of who you are. As you are wandering through the forest, you come across a “Caterpillar” man sitting on top of a large mushroom. He calls you, who has forgotten everything, “Alice”, and says that he will help you find a way out of the forest and return your body size to normal. However, hidden in the depths of Alice’s heart is also an uncontrollable desire. You put the mushroom in your mouth just like the caterpillar said. In the next moment, Alice’s breasts become bigger…..!?

“The tip of my cock is touching your hymen, Alice. Lower your hips and offer your innocence to me.”

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