[R18 Drama CD] L’Ange Noir~Subete wa Kimi no tame ni~


Title: L’Ange Noir~すべては君のために~

Release Date: 2018.07.10

CV:Aki Kasumi

Label: KZ Entertainment

Type: R18 Drama CD


You’re living happily every day with your kind boyfriend, who you’ve been together with since your school days, who cooks for you, and has said that he wants to get married. However, one day, he overreacts over a trivial matter and you decide to break up with him. A few days later you receive a call from him and he says, “I think I’m going to kill myself. Goodbye.” and he hangs up. You rush to him and find him barely conscious, with his wrists cut and find that he has swallowed a lot of sleeping pills. You make up with him after apologizing for what happened a few days ago, after he is discharged from the hospital his possessiveness gradually starts to increase…?


Jun Kurumiya, 24 years old

The heroines’ boyfriend. He met the heroine when he was working part-time in a restaurant in his student days. He currently works as an SE. He is gentle and quiet, but he is serious and very affectionate. His eyesight is bad and he usually wears glasses. He has a habit of reading books in dark places. He contacts the heroine once every hour. He also makes a “good night” call every night. Because of his quiet nature, he doesn’t have many friends, but he likes animals and plants. His hobby is home gardening, and he grows different kinds of vegetables on the veranda.

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Liesel’s Sinful Corner:

“A story of a very kind yandere” ←Yandere Confirmed!!! Those eyes and those glasses…HOT DAYUM💦 You all know I’m a slut for these characters, as soon as I saw he was a yandere I got my ass to translating the synopsis lmfao

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