[R18 Drama CD] ScramBle ~Osananajimi Kyoudai to Noukou Kakehiki 3P~



Release Date: 2018.07.25

CV: Manaka Sawa

Label: GOLD

Type: R18 Drama CD


You’ve always had a crush on Makoto Itsuki, your childhood friend and neighbor. You decide to go to his house and confess to him—. However, Makoto’s younger brother, Yuuto, confesses that he likes you and pushes you down……You are seduced, desired and scrambled for……!? With the person you like, with the person that likes you–.

This is a passionate, ScramBle 3P story about two brothers, who are your childhood friends, and their scramble for you.


Name: Yuuto Itsuki

Your childhood friend, the Itsuki younger brother. (Student) He usually acts cool, and is surprisingly the serious and earnest type. He is not always honest, but he is straightforward about his feelings when it matters.

Name: Makoto Itsuki

Your childhood friend, the Itsuki older brother. (Working adult) He is kind and sociable, the neighborhood’s polite, idol-like, and good young man. However, in reality he is really jealous, and the scheming type. He won’t open up to his special person. He’s not good at dealing with getting hurt or hurting others.

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Liesel’s Sinful Corner:

The older brother caught my attention 1st, but I think I’m falling for the younger one now lol It doesn’t matter either way because this is a 3P CD…I repeat: THIS IS A 3P CD (with Manaka Sawa)! 💦💦💦

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