[R18 Drama CD] Kaishu Dattai


Release Date: 2018.07.13

CV: Chasuke

Label: DuoSideS

Type: R18 Doujin CD

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――――There’s nothing here.
Only “male and female” exist, there’s no one else. Their responsibility and obligation is to have offspring. Regardless of how the specimen feel, a nursery is prepared.

In this parallel universe where “human kind doesn’t exist”, “you” are taken prisoner, violated, and have your body and mind altered.

A body” that will allow you to mate with these alien-like creatures, and will make impregnation easier. To think, you will take the male’s sperm inside of you by your own free will, conceive a child, and not think about the painful experience of giving birth.

“You will mate with me here, it’s your fate to bear my child. Didn’t I tell you? Your body will be remodeled for your own good. So I will erase your mind completely and make your body one that makes impregnation easier.”

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Liesl’s Sinful Corner:

I usually don’t touch the summaries of the works that will be sold on DLsite and just wait until they post their own translations, but OMG I HAD TO.

Reading the plot and the tags like: “???? Sign me tf up! ohoho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)” You’re basically going to get brainwashed so that *you* choose to get pregnant by your own free will and your body is going to be changed so that you’re compatible and can have his children…Sounds scary tbh but so exciting at the same time lmfao Also it’s Chasuke so who can even resist this man’s voice?! 💦

What tags you ask? Don’t worry, I got you:

Anal・Clit Ring・Clit Torture・Creampie・Nipple sucking・Oral Sex・Breast-feeding・Extravaginal ejaculation・Uterine R*pe・R*pe・Doggy Style・Mindbreak・Handjob・Missionary Position・Squirting (Heroine)・Coercion・Sweet・Standing from behind dry sex・Body Remodeling・Anal Ejaculation


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