«Translation» Alan Mason: Birthday 2018

🔒 Tanunyan’z (3)

Minami: ta-da! That time we went to Tanunyan Park!


Alan: tanunyaan ฅ=• ω •=ฅ

Minami: nyaa ฅ=• ω •=ฅ

Alan: nya nyaan ฅ=• ω •=ฅ

Shizuka: I’m not going to say that

Alan: Shizupii what a party pooper!

Minami: Yes, Shi-chan! You were having fun that time, don’t ruin it.

Shizuka: Absolutely not

Minami: My hand might slip and I might upload on SNS

Minami: Shi-chan’s awesome photo from that time

Shizuka: Huh?

Alan: Me too Me too~! I might upload the photo from that time~

Shizuka: nyaan ฅ=• ω •=ฅ

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