I recently started playing Liar! SS and just like with the previous Liar! games, I’m going to leave my top 3 picks on who I think the winner will be. These are all based on my preference after seeing their character description x appearance:

  1. Nagi
  2. Shotaro 
  3. Hayato

I call Nagi the blonde Sotaro lol also, Sadistic man?! I already like him, hands down my top pick. Shotaro is too good to not be a liar but hey, he’s cute so I’m picking him. I’m not really digging the “extroverted partier” but I think Hayato is extremely cute, too! I know I should have probably gone with Kaname, but there is just 1 small reason why I didn’t pick him lol

Feel free to share your guesses below.

Please note: I’m still in the 1st liar.

Please DO NOT comment spoilers or hints. I will warn you, but I’m not that patient: Failure to comply will get you blocked on the spot. 


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