Title: Immorality-Prison~淫楽調教監獄~

Label: Entremets

Type: R18 Drama CD

Release Dates:

  • 2018.08.31 Immorality-Prison Vol. 1 Cool & Sadistic (CV. AtsushiDomon)
  • 2018.09.14 Immorality-Prison Vol. 2 Gentle & Sadistic (CV. Manaka Sawa)
  • 2018.09.28 Immorality-Prison Vol. 3 Maniac & Sadistic (CV.Kyouichirou Sakaki)

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After waking up, you found yourself in a prison.

On that night you had broken up with your boyfriend and were alone. You suddenly fell into a deep slumber–. When you woke up, you were in a prison overflowing with lust.

“Well then, let’s begin with the 7 days of sensual training. If you’re a good girl, I will release you in 3 days. Do not be afraid and do what I say.”


Kyouya Sena: Vol. 1 Cool & Sadistic (CV. Atsushi Domon)

Age: 28 years old
Attribute: Cool
Body Type: Slender and Muscular
1st person pronoun: Ore
2nd person pronoun: Omae

Calm, cool, and collected.

A little strict but has a quiet tone of voice.

He likes the whip and always carries it with him. He likes cute and small things, and has a puppy. He is serious and can’t leave people who are in trouble alone. He participates in fund-raising and volunteer activities. On his days off, he spends his time relaxing.

His abnormal hobby is receiving his partner’s consent, because the more you like it, the less he has to hold back. He won’t injure you as he doesn’t like to get dirty with blood. He enjoys seeing the different kinds of reactions his partner makes when he gives them pain, he likes to dominate his partner with pain and pleasure.

He doesn’t have a specific type of woman he likes. As long as she gets in the mood, he doesn’t care how she looks. However, if he is rejected strongly, his feelings will get hurt and he will become timid, gradually losing interest.

Kaito Kira: Vol. 2 Gentle & Sadistic (CV. Manaka Sawa)

Age: 33 years old
Attribute: Gentleman (Polite Speech)
Body Type: Somewhat muscular
1st person pronoun: Boku
2nd person pronoun: Kimi

A kind older brother type with a gentle demeanor.

He attacks with his smile, it’s wicked, it captures the heart. He’s not good with kids or small animals. He’s afraid of how fragile they are. He loves to plant flowers at home. On his day off, he enjoys going out, shopping and finding a lot of new things.

He likes to bind and restrain, the kind of play where you are hanging and moving is exciting to him. However, he doesn’t like a motionless partner, so he makes sure to leave just enough room for movement. He doesn’t really like getting dirty, so he’ll do doggy style without using his hands.

His type of woman is one who’s plump and shows a little resistance. Someone who’s worth tying up.

Aki Mizuno: Vol. 3 Maniac & Sadistic (CV. Kyouichirou Sakaki)

Age: 24 years old
Attribute: Perverted Stalker (Sweet Overprotective)
Body Type: Has some visible muscles
1st person pronoun: Boku
2nd person pronoun: Kimi

M and S perverted stalker type. He’s bright and gentle. However, he gets worked up by feeling just a little and gives in to his own pleasure.

He talks in a cute tone, is the sweet and overprotective type with his partner but is persistent. His persistence is not dangerous (He won’t go as far as hurting or endangering his partner’s life.), he is just not good with giving up.

He wants his partner to desire more, for them to feel good, a service S type. He uses handcuffs and other tools, if you feel pleasure, he’ll feel happy. The more you enjoy it, the less he has to restrain himself.

Liesel’s Sinful Corner:

Entremets is back and their new series looks so damn amazing! Yes!!! 😭 The synopsis hasn’t even be posted yet, but I don’t need to read it because I’m buying them! I was sold with just the title, the character type and the cast! I was wondering who this Kyouichirou Sakaki was and it turns out it’s Masahiro Yamanaka…What more could I ask? I love this man!

Ahhh who to pick, who to pick? Can I just have all 3 in 1?! I think these types of plays are the most fun irl lmfao

I’m so excited for the Cool & Sadistic tbh, these type of men can end me!!! Idk what to expect from the Gentle & Sadistic, but it’s Manaka Sawa and anything he does is enough for me. The Maniac & Sadistic one looks like it’s going to be so much fun!

OMG Kyouya is like the cutest??? I’m not a big fan of the whip BUT that doesn’t mean I’m not down to being whipped. I also want Kaito. The long lost Kira brother? (Several Shades of Sadism) A gentleman being not so gentlemanly in bed, confuses me but I like it. Something about a man talking politely while he has you tied up and fucks you is so sexy lol bye. While I feel like Aki might be too clingy/needy for my liking and be annoying, I’m not one to say no. Show me your maniac mode please lol

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