Biidoro Shinjuu Vol. 1


Title: びいどろ心中 ~一夜の夢 熊野宗一の場合~

Release Date: 2018.08.31

CV: Noboru Yajima

Label: HOBiGIRLS neige

Type: R18 Drama CD


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During the rainy season, the heroine works for the Ougi household. In a world that’s in turmoil due to dangerous incidents, her busy days go by peacefully because she is blessed to be surrounded with kind people such as the Ougi couple and her colleagues. She has has feelings for Souichi, who works as the driver for the Ougi household. It seems that Souchi also has feelings for the heroine. One day, Souichi invites the heroine to accompany him to Asakusa​….

A dream within a dream, a sorrowful story-


He comes from the same place as the heroine, and is like an older brother to her. A handsome young man with a tall physique. On the outside, there seems to be a side of him that loves books, he teaches all sorts of things to the heroine.

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Liesel’s Sinful Corner:

Wait a minute…don’t let this vanilla sounding plot fool you…I believe it’s going to be dark…maybe. lol Can anyone help me with the way 心中 is read? Is it “shinjuu” or “shinchuu”? I feel like the 1st one is more fitting because it means lover’s suicide and based on the synopsis and the illustration it would fit the darker atmosphere.


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