Apex Predator Yuuin


» Title: Apex predator 誘引
» CV: Takashi Jou
» Release Date: 2018.09.27
» Label: Ametriine
» Type: R18 Doujin CD


Ametriine’s Rating based on 5 levels:

Affection: ★★★☆☆・Madness: ★☆☆☆☆・Gore: ★☆☆☆☆

After waking up, you find yourself in a high class hotel suite. Judging by the view from the window, you realize that you’re on one of the upper level floors.

As you’re trying to remain calm while processing the situation, a voice starts drawing closer to the room. The door suddenly opens. The face of an extremely handsome man comes into view.

He says, “I wanted to see you”……

He’s been in the world’s largest mafia group since he was a young boy. As a member of the mafia, he was raised to be just like a weapon, to show no emotions. It seems like an exaggeration, but the person himself lacks emotions.

There was a day in the past where he showed weakness.

Because of daily sleep deprivation and injuries, he collapsed in the crowd. While he was still suffering from dizziness, a Japanese woman peered down at his face and pressed her hand on his forehead.

In that moment he made up his mind. If his last moment was with this woman then it would be fine.

“This is not an order, this is my own will.”


29 years old. Mafia (China/In charge of: Drug Trafficking)

He wants to be left alone, he lacks emotions. He executes his duties with indifference, he’s just like a machine or a robot. He is often teased by his senpai Gianluigi.

Liesel’s Sinful Corner:

FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for Ametriine to post this series ever since they announced they were working on it! They did mention that this series was supposed to be dark, so I’m looking forward to this one and the rest of the volumes!

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