«Synopsis» Partner Change


Title: ​パートナーチェンジ

Release Date(s): 2018.11.28・2018.12.26・2019.01.30

CV(s): Atsushi Domon・Kazushige Hiroyama・Chasuke

Label: Monochrome

Type: R18 Drama CD


Partner Change 1 Riichi Kurokawa no Baai

He will be your partner for one week after you decide to participate in the partner change.

“Hey, do you really hate me?”

The first volume is a story between, Riichi Kurokawa, who has a flashy appearance but is kind and good at taking care of others, and you, Mikuni Shigihara’s (Vol. 3) girlfriend……

“Hey……is being kind with everyone a bad thing?”

Partner Change 2 Mugini Saita no Baai

He will be your partner for one week after you decide to participate in the partner change.

“Hey! Someone has to wash the dishes, so stop complaining!”

The second volume is a story between the self-important Mugini Saita, and you, Riichi Kurokawa’s (Vol. 1) girlfriend……

“I……want to change……I guess. It’s thanks to you.”

Partner Change 3 Mikuni Shigihara no Baai

He will be your partner for one week after you decide to participate in the partner change.

“That’s no good, isn’t your wet hair something you only show to the man you like?”

The third volume is a story between the kind older brother type Mikuni Shigihara, and you, Mugini Saita’s (Vol. 2) girlfriend……

“I’m sorry…..this time……let me spoil you……”


Riichi Kurokawa
29 years old
Occupation: Free Designer

He likes cooking. He’s very skillful and can do anything without a problem. He seems to be a playboy because he’s a bit of a flirt.

Mugini Saita
Age: 25 years old
Occupation: Office Worker

Hedgehog personality type. He feels happy when complimented, but is poor at showing it. He rarely does housework.

Mikuni Shigihara
Age: 31 years old
Occupation: Office Worker

Has a gentle demeanor, he rarely gets angry. He can say embarrassing things with ease. Acquaintance with Riichi Kurokawa.

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Liesel’s Sinful Corner:

Well, did you like my editing with the English text? lol I decided to translate this because of the cute character art! It was also easy to translate omg. This series  looks fun!

Okay, but please protect precious boy Riichi! I mostly want to hear

Kazushige Hiroyama’s hedgehog personality-type character (Mugini) who’s no good with housework. He looks so cute with his blushing face, I just want to tease him lol Then again, I feel like I’m going to get really flustered with Mikuni if he can say some pretty embarrassing things just like that tbh lmfao


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