«Synopsis» Ore-sama Residence: Arisugawa vs Saionji

Title: 俺様レジデンス ―有栖川 VS 西園寺―

Label: Idea Factory

Type: Drama CD

Release Dates: 

  • 2018.10.24 Ore-sama Residence -Arisugawa VS Saionji- Side: Arisugawa (CV. Ryohei Kimura・Tomoaki Maeno・Kaito Ishikawa)
  • 2018.11.28 Ore-sama Residence -Arisugawa VS Saionji- Side: Saionji (CV. Shunsuke Takeuchi・Taku Yashiro・Soma Saito)
  • 2018.12.26 Ore-sama Residence -Arisugawa VS Saionji- Ichiya Arisugawa (CV. Ryohei Kimura)
  • 2019.01.23 Ore-sama Residence -Arisugawa VS Saionji- Futaba Arisugawa (CV.Tomoaki Maeno)
  • 2019.02.27 Ore-sama Residence -Arisugawa VS Saionji- Miori Arisugawa (CV. Kaito Ishikawa)


You work as a maid for the “Saionji family.” However, one day, due to an incident with the owners, the three Saionji brothers, you run away.

As you’re running throughout the town, unfortunately, you get in a accident with a limousine.

The next morning, the place you find yourself in after you wake up, is the residence of the “Arisugawa family”, who happens to be on bad terms with the Saionji family――?


Ichiya Arisugawa
Age: 24 years old
Height: 176 cm
Blood Type: AB

Futaba Arisugawa
Age: 22 years old
Height: 182 cm
Blood Type: O

Miori Arisugawa
Age: 19 years old
Height: 174 cm
Blood Type: B

Fuji Saionji
Age: 24 years old
Height: 180 cm
Blood Type: AB

Ran Saionji
Age: 22 years old
Height: 184 cm
Blood Type: O

Gen Saionji
Age: 19 years old
Height: 173 cm
Blood Type: A

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5 thoughts on “«Synopsis» Ore-sama Residence: Arisugawa vs Saionji”

  1. There’s an upcoming series of the Ore-sama Residence called “Ore-sama Residence Love or Fate” this year. Is it alright if I can request you to translate the story and the character bios?


      1. I saw your translation and thank you so much! Btw, I noticed that only Miori’s drama CD from last year’s series was never released!


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