«Synopsis» Renai Kakuritsu 1% Onee ni Koishite


Title: 恋愛確率1% オネエに恋して

Release Date: 2018.09.26

CV: Chasuke

Label: GOLD

Type: R18 Doujin CD


He is your onee-type, best friend, and the one that you like. However, as for him, he likes you as a friend but “not in a romantic way”. Therefore, with the condition that you will give up, you sleep together just once. but……His feelings change after crossing that line.

“Sorry……I’ve changed my mind, let’s stop being friends――I want to be your lover.”


Name: Yoshito Takagi

He keeps it a secret in his workplace that he is an “Onee”. He is cheerful, kind, and has a strong sense of responsibility, but can be a bit indecisive and timid. He is kind with the partner he really likes and often makes a lot of mistakes. His nickname is “Mito-chan”

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