Ouji-sama ga Tsuremashita ~Fushigi na Ai Seikatsu~


» Title: 王子様が釣れました〜不思議な愛生活〜
» CV: Yuuji Ootori
» Release Date: 2018.09.11
» Label: chocolat blanc
» Type: R18 Drama CD



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After the man you’ve been with for many years suddenly breaks off your engagement, heartbroken you throw away your engagement ring into the ocean.

However, because you can’t forget about him, you borrow a beach seine to search for the ring, but what you caught instead was the country’s prince who seems to be suffering from memory loss….!


Albert(?) Poisson

(Looks) around 25 years old. The country’s prince whom you caught with the beach seine. For some reason he had jumped into the ocean, and the current brought him to you. With the exception of his name and that he’s the prince, his memory appears to be fuzzy. Maybe because of the situation with his memory, he appears to be an eccentric man and you have difficulty understanding the meaning of his sudden actions and words. He secretly holds on to the ring you had thrown away.

Liesel’s Sinful Corner:

I just heard the sample voice & ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love it! What are the chances of me catching a prince while looking for an item I threw in the ocean?! I would probably never find the item or my prince, I’m not that lucky. lmfao 😂

※Enjoy my content? ❤ Please consider supporting me by donating and/or shopping using my affiliate links~ It’s greatly appreciated! 😘

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