«Synopsis» Oshiete Ageru: Amai Okashi no Tsukurikata


Title: 教えてあげる甘いお菓子の作り方

Release Date: 2018.08.29

CV: Manaka Sawa

Label: GOLD

Type: R18 Doujin CD


You’re worried about what sweets to bring to the gathering with your friends. You ask for his adviceーー.

“How about handmade sweets? If you’re worried, should I teach you?”

――a proposal to make handmade sweets. Nevertheless, you are happy when he says that he’ll teach you. However――

His way of teaching is a bit too thorough……!?


Name: Reiji Nagumo
Height: 179 cm

A serious and obliging person. He can sometimes be a mean S man, but he’s kind at heart. He works as a cram school teacher. His hobby is making sweets.

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