Kimi no Koe ni Koishiteru -tsubaki&natsume-


Title: 君の声に恋してる 椿&棗-tsubaki&nastume-

Release Date: 2018.10.24

CV: Mikado Sumeragi

Label: GOLD

Type: R18 Doujin CD


“We’ll deliver a wonderful erotic experience ♪”

That phrase caught your attention when you turned to the page “I’m in Love With Your Voice”

You can pick any man of your choice, your favorite tone of voice or type, the location you prefer…etc. so that it can be an “Erotic Experience CD” made “just for you.”

Out of curiosity you “request” the “delivery.”

You begin listening to the CD just for the laughs, but he begins talking to you and orders you to…

You will “begin to fall in love” with him as “your boyfriend”–.


Name: Nastume (Younger Twin Brother)
Height: 170 cm

He’s a little mischievous and a natural S. When it comes to sex, he’s also the type that wants to tease women.

Name: Tsubaki (Older Twin Brother)
Height: 170 cm

He’s the prince-type that attracts women and has a lot sex appeal. He’s usually a gentlemen, and when it comes to sex his priority is to make the woman feel good.

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