Submission ~Kare no Iinari~


» Title: ​Submission~彼のいいなり~
» CV: Manaka Sawa
» Release Date: 2018.09.11
» Label: KZentertainment
» Type: R18 Drama CD


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On your day off, you run into your neighbor, Ryouichi Kushimoto, when you’re on your way home from shopping. You catch up on each other’s lives while you’re walking back, you tell him how you’ve been busy with work as usual, how your husband lives away from home, etc., however…you accidentally reveal your secret to Ryouichi. You worry about what might happen if your husband, who’s unusually old-fashioned and serious, were to find out about your secret. As you panic and try to keep him from exposing your secret, Ryouichi answers with a smile on his face.

“If you do what I tell you, I won’t tell anyone about it.”

“You see, lately work has been keeping me busy. Why don’t you help me relax for a bit?”

Ever since then, your daily life changes completely. You submit to him, are coerced, and you are violated by him every day. You’re used just like a tool for Ryouichi’s sexual gratification, however, something lies behind those eyes.

※Enjoy my content? ❤ Please consider supporting me by donating and/or shopping using my affiliate links~ It’s greatly appreciated! 😘

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