«Synopsis» Koibito wa Majime na Henjin


Title: ​恋人は真面目な変人

Release Date: 2018.10.24

CV: Shinsenryoku

Label: GOLD

Type: R18 Doujin CD


“This is going to sound really weird, but it seems I’m in love with you, so I want you to have sex with me.” You receive a weird confession from Hajime Akutagawa, a cool yet popular man in the office?! In reality he turned out to be quite a serious boyfriend..!


Hajime Akutagawa 

A versatile and serious man. He’s a 100% pervert that’s both somewhat of an S and M. He’s good looking, but due to his difficult personality he doesn’t
have much experience with romance.

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Liesel’s Sinful Corner:

“…a 100% pervert that’s both somewhat of an S and M.” Damn, that’s me! 😂 I love this label, they always have some interesting characters lol It seems Oct. will be a Shinsenryoku month for me, there’s another one of his that I’m interested in. 😍 I was starting to miss his name on my purchase list!

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