Biidoro Shinjuu Vol. 2


Title: びいどろ心中 ~二夜の夢 仲邑兼継の場合~

Release Date: 2018.10.26

CV: Chasuke

Label: HOBiGIRLS neige

Type: R18 Drama CD


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Nakamura is a guest that occasionally visits the mansion as the attorney of the Ougi family, he speaks in a cold manner and the heroine, who’s an employee there, thought that he disliked her. However, after a certain night in the rainy season, she realizes she had the wrong impression of him. And little by little she falls in love with him……

A dream within a dream, a sorrowful story-


Attorney of the Ougi family. He doesn’t look Japanese due to his light colored hair and eyes, and he gets weird looks from those around him. At first glance, he looks like a cold person because of his appearance and his cold tone.

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